November 2, 2012

A Southern Halloween

Halloween 2012

Texas Style

Come for wine.....the preparation begins

Make-up, pizza, and friendship

The parents....smiles awaiting the Great Pumpkin

6:30 PM....welcome my pretties

Happy Halloween little ghoulies

The twins...Jenna and Kate..vampire princesses

The Jelly Bean trio...how cute were they?

Atlanta Trick -or- Treating

Robin Hood

Luke and Izzy

Disco Diva...The Divine Miss M

Voted cutest couple and baby

I think this is my favorite...Robin Hood and the tinest, cutest Spider Man

Luke, Izzy and the most precious Little Turkey

There is a Great Pumpkin....I knew it!!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog today and it is absolutely gorgeous. I posted on my blog's facebook page for my readers to check it out :-)

    Would you consider adding that feature where people can have your posts go in their email? I don't want to miss a post!

  2. Hi Angell..great suggestion and thank you ever so much for commenting and visiting Estelle's! So looking forward to visiting your site also!

  3. Happy Halloween From France !

    1. Halloween is such a fun and festive time not only for children, but for "grown-ups" also....childhood memories! What do they do in France?


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