October 11, 2012

Our Harvest Home

"......And Merry When the Great Winds Sing,
Through Autumn's Woodlands Brown..."
~William Hewitt

It has been so enjoyable visiting all the various blogs, which are reflecting their autumn decorating and their festive designs!  I love how people share their ideas, their lovely home decor, shopping bargins and their simple joy and love of the Autumn season. Today, I am sharing some of our little touches of Fall and hope you enjoy a few of my little treasures!

The Mantle....Always my favorite to reflect the season!

One of my new pumpkin luminarias....simply love, love, love this!

I adore this little witch and her black cat! She was rather expensive, so I treasure her each year!

This is a Jim Shore collectible. His art work is incredible! Don't you just love this design!
It's called The Wicked Ride!

Now these two little metal pumpkins are my bargin find....$2.00 at Target! LOVE!

This is my Mother's little Halloween house! It was one of my favorite things and
I cannot wait to display it each Autum season!

I found this little sign at Kroger of all places....$6.00.....so cute!!

My kitchen window! I used one of my cake stands and placed this battery lit
 lantern in the window..glows beautifully at night! 
 The little berry arrangements were purchased at Bath N' Body years ago!

Autumn Leaf Cookies will always be ready for a quick sweet snack!

Oh yes.....Ole' Maypole loves Halloween too! You crazy kitty!!!!


  1. Love the Wicked Ride. You have some beautiful Halloween decor. "Hi Maypole"

  2. Love, love, love everything! I think my fav's are your Mother's little Halloween house and The Wicked Ride. :)

  3. Oh I love your Halloween house... I would like to be in USA to have a real Halloween. Here in France, Halloween is not popular. Thanks for your pictures.

  4. Thank you so much Alice! I am thrilled you enjoyed the pictures. Halloween is so much fun and very festive here! But, oh my, France....how fortunate you are to live in such a romantic place...I hope I get to visit sometime!


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