August 26, 2012

Raindrops on Roses...The Bride Said "I Do!"

The dark clouds rolled in and the wind begin to howl...the waves were crashing against the shoreline and guessed it! Exactly at 6:00 PM when the wedding ceremony was scheduled to begin....the rain began to fall on the wedding guests and the bride and groom!

We took no notice however. All eyes were on the groom's face as he watched his lovely bride walk down the sandy pathway to the alter. The music was playing and Jenn could not have been more radiant as they exchanged their vows. Looking back, it could not have been more perfect. Would you believe that the only time it rained that day, was during the ceremony? The smiles on their faces said it all....they are totally committed to each other and became "one" in their complete happiness. The heavens were smiling on them and on each of us really, as we were all a part of this special wedding ceremony.

We wait anxiously to see the wedding photographs. The clouds dissipated, the rain stopped, and the sky became softly lit by the stars. The music began to play, the white paper lanterns were illuminating the beach and the night belonged to all of us. We danced the night away in our celebration of love, joy and the sheer happiness of joining two families. Yes, life was good that night...August 18th, 2012. Indeed, the memories were made.....we are blessed!

I have always heard that when it rains on the wedding, it is a sign of good luck. It rained the day Darling and I married, forty years ago, so I think it was a joyous event.....the wedding and raindrops, candlelight and moonlight, champagne and fireworks....."Laissez les bons temps rouler! "

I am visiting the Atlanta house for a few weeks and plan to beging posting when returning to Texas. Autumn is set to arrive in a few weeks, so the pictures should be ready, the season for the harvest will be begin and the recipes will be abundant! I shall see you then sweet friends!


  1. I've been busy and missed some good posts so I'll be going "backwards" today reading.... beautiful Betsy and like your son and your wedding, it rained the day we married 43 years ago! Just before the wedding started at 7 the sky cleared and sunlight streamed over my shoulder as I came into the church! I have to say it's been 43 years of bliss, that's not to say that it was easy! Best wishes to the new couple! I look forward to your fall recipes when you return...

  2. Cannot wait to catch up with Granny Mtn. too! Well, just another little life's moment we share isn't it? The fact that it rained the day of our weddings! Just love you to pieces Joy!!


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