August 13, 2012

Dorothy was Right All Along

Just one year ago........

We were island hopping off the coast of Maine.

It's how we often would spend our weekends. Sailing, exploring the various islands, trying new local restaurants, walking along the coastline trails, visiting the lighthouses, packing a lunch to head out and locate the perfect park bench, to enjoy a glass of chardonnay and watch the sailboats.

We had "date night" Friday evening and enjoyed dinner and a movie. We went to see "Hope Springs" with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. I adore both actors. The dysfunctional married couple seeks advice from a professional, played by Steve Carrell, who happens to be located in Maine. The film was actually filmed in Connecticut we later read. As we watched the scenes play out of this small little town, supposedly in Maine, we were all too familiar with the local bookstore housed in a 1700 circa old house, the local bar with the magnificent views, the historical Bed and Breakfast which served fine dining beside a roaring fireplace, and the misty cool weather which had everyone strolling around in their burberries.

It was strange to think we had actually lived here. I wanted to lean over and whisper to the couple sitting next to us that we had recently moved from Maine. We lived among all that beauty and we knew and felt what it was like to be a resident of a little New England village, hang out at the local harbor bar, we knew the bartenders by name and browsed the local bookstores. Yes, it was all magical, new and an amazing place to call home. We lived in a big colonial style home with our own woodlands, complete with deer and wildlife scampering about.

It was a dream come true to experience all of this. I remember thinking and saying, "Can you actually believe this little Mississippi couple now lives in Maine and we know about basements, furnaces, fuel oil and snow blowers?" Incredible I tell you! But, we also learned that it could not replace the most important constant in our lives.....family! Yes, it was not surprising really. Everyday, there was an underlying sadness deep within that kept tugging away at us. We could not see their faces, or give them hugs and kisses. They were across the miles and the emptiness of being away from them just could not be replaced. Eventually, my prayers were answered and the road led back home.....we are so fortunate for the experience and are thankful..even more so now. A life lesson learned. Dorothy was right..."there's no place like home!"

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