August 11, 2012

Calgon Take Me Away!

Most women put off entertaining until the
 kids are grown.
~Erma Bombeck

I received a distress call yesterday from the Atlanta House!

I think I vaguely remember when this room was a lovely and spacious formal dining room. Yes, the large triple windows on the left...that's it, that's the one! It is a beautiful shade of chocolate, trimmed in ivory crown molding and illuminated with a magnificent chandelier, surrounded by an opulent medallion.

 I think we've all been there....when the baby comes along, things change and this soon became the "playroom!"

Well, yesterday.....Superheros were on the loose!

The Divine Miss M offered to entertain little Jimmy for the afternoon and help out his Mom and Dad. Bless you darling for taking on another four year old, even if it was for a few hours! These two little guys are schoolmates and have proven themselves to be rather competitive which is simply amazing at such a young age. They often have the most interesting  conversations trying to "one-up-each other!" As Miss M relayed the conversation to me, I laughed so hard I could barely catch my breath.....

Luke: "Jimmy, I'm four years old!"
Jimmy: "Well, I'm five years old!" (he's four also)
Luke: "Well, I'm sixty-five years old!"
Jimmy: silence

The second competition involved whose Dad had the longest arm hair.
I don't know who won out on this one....
I know.....go figure..... I am speechless!

Luke: "Look Jimmy, I am taller because I start way, way down at the bottom of my toes and go all the way up past my head!"

Jimmy: silence

Luke: "Mommy....can you play Elvis?"
Jimmy: "yeah, we want Elvis!"

Just remember...it's five o'clock somewhere

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