August 2, 2012

Breakfast on the Beach

On the dock of the bay

Every year while visiting the beach, we plan one night to have fresh gulf seafood. We pack the cars with everyone and make a run into town for an afternoon of shopping at Joe Patti's Seafood Market! Oh the fun we have selecting gulf shrimp, soft shell crabs and white fish. We also make our way to the wine shop and select a few good bottles of vino to take with us! The days are full of living and the cooking is easy!

This is a pretty easy breakfast that we prepare before heading out to play and gather up seashells. Believe it or not, the grandchildren love this breakfast and it features those beautiful summer tomatoes.

Everything Bagel Thins with fresh tomatoes, cream cheese
 and a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash Seasoning!

Noah sometimes will request a slice of melted cheese on his serving,
rather than cream cheese! Good idea Noah!

I also have plenty of Trop50 on hand! I don't know if you have tried these yet, but they have much less sugar and taste so light and refreshing! We mix one-half lemonade and one-half orange juice together for a breakfast cocktail...a little lesson I learned from Grandmother Grace!

Time now for fun in the sun!

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