July 24, 2012

Summer Glitz and Glam....Just Add Water!

What's Your Summer Style?

The beach is our summer place for rest and relaxation. It is our home away from home for a solid week. We find a quiet spot to listen to the ocean sounds, with a good summer read and observe the children playing along the shoreline. We have plenty of cold drinks in the cooler and fresh gulf seafood ready to grill in the evening. We all agree that much of the fun in preparing for our summer vacation is deciding on what to wear...the colors, the accessories and if we choose to be casual, fun and flirty or have an elegant fine dining experience in town. These are a few of my chosen summer items I will be packing for this summer's cool down!

Raspberry and Paisley

The Little Black One-Piece and Ocean Blue Animal Print

Teal Ocean Dreams  with a Lacey Cover-up

Could not resist these for evening glam!

Strappy Silver..Perfect with sundresses

Ballets that make a statement!

Whatever your style is,  just have fun...stay cool and breezy.....don't forget your sunhat, your Jackie O's and a beautiful shade of lipstick!
It makes life a little more joyful in the sun!


  1. Betsy, I love all of these outfits! So colorful and fun, you will be stylin' them all! Have fun and enjoy every moment...

  2. Oh thank you Joy! Summer fashion is so fun and it's been terrific getting to wear such light and breezy clothes once again....probably will retire the boots and coats now....Stay cool over at Granny Mountain!


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