April 13, 2012

Island Life...Can You Imagine?

Weekends in Maine would often include a ferry ride over to one of the islands just to spend the day walking, sightseeing and taking in a leisurely lunch.

There are few places more idyllic than a Maine island...
You would often find private boats moored just off the island, where residents would spend the day just relaxing and enjoying the ocean breezes on their boats. Then suddenly, a few of them would jump into the water, swim to the shoreline and get supplies at the one local tiny grocery, then swim back to the boat with food or drinks held above the water until they were safely back on board.

Most islands have less than 850 residents during the winter months and when spring and summer roll around, visitors increase the population to about 4,000. Most of the island residents are retirees who prefer isolation, peace and quiet.
Most island residents work on the mainland in Portland, and hop the ferry early in the morning, then return after their long workday. Cars are a discouraged means of transportation. So once the ferry docks and unloads the passengersand residents either walk, ride a bicycle or drive a golf cart to their homes. There is a great deal of walking.
School children attend middle school and high school on the mainland, so they too wake up early to catch the ferry, rather than a school bus. It seemed so normal to them and they were quite relaxed with their routine.
This was a wonderful and magical way to spend the weekends. Maine residents were always friendly and welcoming. The islands were always so very quiet....all you could hear were birds almost wanted to just whisper any conversation.

It was always a beautiful ride home

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