April 3, 2012

Best Bagels in Town!

There are a few places near and dear to our hearts. Georgia, Texas and New England! As we all know, to maintain a healthy mind and body, it's best to start your day out right!

Have you included bagels in your morning breakfast? Estelle's loves to serve the Everything Bagel with cream cheese, a big fresh slice of tomato, and a sprinkling of salt and coarse ground pepper. Sometimes, The Divine Miss M and I include a fresh slice of smoked salmon! Simply delish!

According to Epicurious Magazine, these are some hot spots to try when traveling in order to find America's Best Bagels!

BB's Bagels is a small diner located in Alpharetta, Georgia. It is owned and operated by married couple, Eddie and Anna Siino, who employ many friends and other family from the New York / New Jersey area.

 It's the only place in the entire Atlanta area offering hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels, and earns John Kessler's (of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) respect as "the city's best", even if they do require a bit of a hike to enjoy. As a self-described "boring bagel fresser" who typically orders sesame or everything with plain or scallion cream cheese, Kessler acknowledges the beauty of BB's olive-pimiento schmear: "It has a nice sense of place because it seems kind of like Jewish pimiento cheese." BB's Bagels is located at 770 McFarland Pkwy in Alpharetta!

Traveling down to visit Austin, Texas, which Greg and Jenn frequently do, they love to grab a quick breakfast at Wholy Bagel.

 Rachel Feit of The Austin Chronicle believes the longhorns have proven themselves capable of producing a quality bagel. "I look for a slightly glossy, firm, almost crunchy exterior, with a soft, chewy interior," says Feit. "It's also important that the bagels have some salt in the dough." Wholy Bagel, opened in 2010 by New Jersey transplant and former bakery-supply salesman Scott Campanozzi, stands up to Feit's high standards. The bagels are kettled and baked on the premises, and by about 1 p.m., the shop is usually sold out of most varieties. Specialties include salt, everything, sesame, and onion, along with real pork roll flown in from back East. Wholy Bagel also takes pride in its location, offering a Texas-style baker's dozen of 14. Campanozzi's reasoning? Everything's bigger in Texas. Wholy Bagel is located at 4404 W. William Cannon Dr. in Austin!

While living in Maine, we had the opportunity one weekend of visiting Brookline, Massachusetts. Kupel's Bakery came highly recommended to us for a weekend brunch!

 Although the "smaller and much softer" Boston bagel can't beat that nice chew you find in New York, Boston Magazine's contributing food editor Annie Copps says Kupel's Bakery in nearby Brookline, Massachusetts, makes a bagel that is somewhere in between, and offers "crazy-good cream cheese spreads." Opened in the late 1970s by the Kupelnik family, Kupel's has new owners who continue the tradition of making imperfectly shaped bagels. They offer more than 20 bagel varieties but sesame, egg, and poppy seed are their "calling cards." The extensive cream cheese selection includes scallion, honey walnut, dill, and green olive. And Copps reports that Kupel's also bakes up classic Jewish breads like rye, pumpernickel, and several kinds of challah.

Just look at the variety of Bagels they offer....Plain, Egg, Onion, Sesame,Cinnamon Raisin, Poppy Seed, Everything California, Black and White, Pumpernickel, Sissel (Caraway) Salt, Jalapeno, Cinnamon Glaze,
Onion Sesame Garlic, Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Raisin, Whole Wheat Onion, Whole Wheat Sesame, Whole Wheat Poppy, Whole Wheat Everything....whew!

Once you have selected your bagels of choice, you can move on to the Cream Cheeses.....decisions, decisions....Regular, Plain, Chive (Scallion),Vegetable, Salmon (Lox), Garlic/Herb, Green Olive, Strawberry, Honey Walnut, Dill, Horseradish,  Miami Lox (Scallion), Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, Whitefish Salad, Hummus and Tabouli!

Now, I'll just bet this is enough inspiration for us all to serve up a Bagel Breakfast with plenty of healthy variety....Yes...that's it...Let's make a Bagel Breakfast Bar!! Fun on a Bun, as Greg would say!


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