February 1, 2012

The Woodlands

I was standing in the kitchen, talking away to the Divine Miss M and was actually in the midst of baking a cake when she called. We were chatting away, when I happened to glance up and see.......

One of our little darlings

I shouted, "Oh our deer are here....do you see her? She is right outside the window?" There I was talking to her as if she were in the same room with me, rather than in Atlanta!! I cannot tell you how excited I become when the deer pay us a visit! I shouted........"I'll have to call you back...I need to run upstairs and grab the camera!!"

She is just too precious!

I could tie a big pink bow on her and kiss her sweet face!

I yelled for Mae Mobley to come and see her little woodland friends, but she was napping in front of the fireplace..she missed their entire visit....ole' sleepy head!

Cautiously observing from the backwoods

I think we need some shelter back there

Isn't she lovely?

I guess you can tell by now, I am a huge animal lover! Always have been...always will be! Moments like these are God's little blessings in my day. I love living in Maine. It has been simply wonderful having our woodlands be safe havens to deer, fox, wild turkeys, raccoons, mallard ducks, all sorts of birds, squirrels, especially Mr. Jimmy, and chipmunks. Oh yes, we have even had one Moose! Can you believe that? Just a winter day at The Maine House...incredible!


  1. Great pictures!! One time my hubby thought he heard something and looked our our bedroom window (it was dark) I didnt know he could jump back so far! A deer had his nose against the window looking in when hubby put his face to the window. I thought I would never stop laughing!!

  2. I think I would have jumped too! That was rather up close and personal, wasn't it?

  3. We absolutely love living in the woods! We built on this mountainside 7 years ago the wildlife was so interested in us! They watched us like we were "people tv!"


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