February 23, 2012

Our Sailing Days in Maine

If you ever visit Maine, put sailing down on your bucket list. We were fortunate enough to take each of our children and grandchildren on the two infamous sailing ships in Old Port, The Windameen and The Bagheera.

The 88 foot schooner, Windameen was designed by the famed yacht designer, John Alden. She was built in East Boothbay, Maine, and launched in 1912 when she took center stage in the golden era of fast, sleek ocean schooners. She was formerly owned by the Schlitz family of Schlitz Brewing Company.

The Divine Miss M, Jay and Luke

Mom and Daughter....Our First Sail

Captain Fishstick

Inactive since the 1930s, she was thoroughly restored in the late 1980s and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Wendameen is certified by the US Coast Guard to carry 48 passengers on deck and can also accommodate 14 guests for our overnight excursions. She has sailed every ocean in the world!

Rob...Smooth sailing

Greg and Jenn

Greg's  Sailing Lesson

Bagheera is also vintage Alden, featuring long overhangs, a sweet and graceful sheer line and a long bowsprit. For construction, Alden turned to the rich shipbuilding heritage of Maine and found able craftsmen at Rice Bros. Shipyard in East Boothbay.

Sailing with Rob

In the 1920s, Bagheera sailed in the Bermuda Race at least once before being delivered to the Great Lakes, where she won the annual Chicago-Mackinac Race for several years running.

The New Deck Hand

Nick and Cat

Our Abbie

Sweet Noah

In her more than 80 years of cruising the world's oceans, Bagheera has crossed the Atlantic, cruised areas of the Pacific, including the Galapagos, and spent many years in the Caribbean Sea. In the 1980s, Bagheera was fitted out in San Diego for the passenger trade. She was transported back home to Maine in the spring of 2002 to serve Portland Schooner Company.

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