December 10, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas Memories

Yes, Christmas is a very happy time....a joyous time.....a festive time....and also....a time to be reflective. A time to just become introspective and bring all of the past holidays into memory. I have vivid recollections of our family in Jackson. The snow ice cream we made, the snowmen we created with Mother and Daddy, a turkey baking in the oven all night for Christmas dinner, Mother preparing the Oyster Dressing for Daddy, Sing- A -Long with Mitch Christmas songs playing from the stereo, as Daddy sang "Joy to the World " and Mother making her glittery homemade holiday candles. I want this back. I want to hit the rewind button and be right smack dab in the moment again. Knowing this is just a "wish", I have learned to sit quietly and listen....to gaze at the twinkling lights on the tree and play the record over and over again...then I see their faces, their smiles, hear them talking....as if I were watching a movie. I hear Steve come into the kitchen with that big smile on his face talking with Mother about what savory dishes she was preparing and being giddy with excitement over special gifts he had bought everyone. I am a lucky girl. I was blessed with a wonderful family. I miss them and I will always, always be forever grateful of these memories.

When Darling was a little boy, they drove from Jackson up to Friars Point, Mississippi every Christmas to be with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. They began on Christmas eve and arrived in the early evening hours to begin the festivities. The Bourbon spiked eggnog was always ready in the dining room, reserved in a place of honor on the holiday Christmas tablecloth. Those big old colored lights were shining in the big front picture window making the lawn glow with red, green and blue. He said he always watched the lights glow in the little houses scattered throughout the Mississippi Delta woods as they drove along. He thought to himself, "I feel sorry for anybody who is not me!"....he was that happy.

Daddy and Me in Jackson

Miss Helen, Mother, Christmas 1958

Mother, Miss Judy and Me in Jackson

Me Playing Santa with Steve

Darling in Friars Point with his Monie, Daddy Beau, Barbie and Beverly

Mr. Ray Charles says it all
Merry Christmas

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