November 1, 2011

Melancholy Memories...The Wizard of Oz, Spiced Tea and Popcorn Balls

Halloween night....and the quarter moon was shining softly over
The Maine House on this, the final October evening.

Remnants of snow still laid securely on our lawns, the chill in the air was perfect for a light corduroy jacket and the candles glowed brightly from the carved pumpkins, filling the night with their spicy aroma. Heartwood was filled with parents strolling the sidewalks with all their little trick or treater's in tow, anxiously hurrying from door to door, filling their sacks with chocolate treats!

Warm Spicy Pumpkin Scents fill the Dining Room

The Glow of Home and Hearth Shine Within

As the children rushed up to select their Halloween treats from our giant candy bowl, I observed their parents standing back and smiling as they looked at their precious children squeal with delight with all of the fun they were having. It brought back memories of a particular Halloween night when I was a child and was too sick to go out for the evening. My parents made the night very special by surprising us with a new color television just in time to see The Wizard Of Oz. October always meant this wonderful, magical movie would soon be shown on television and I looked forward to an evening of Mother's treats, as we settled in for a few hours in front of the RCA. The book of The Wizard of Oz was given to me one Christmas when I was eight years old. How I treasured this book. I believe I still have it..packed somewhere. Mother had prepared a big pot of her fall spiced tea and had made her infamous caramel popcorn balls. How close I keep this memory in my heart. Even though I missed trick or treating that year, it was probably the best Halloween I ever had. My darling Mother and Daddy......what a lucky girl I have been.

The Divine Miss M and I just purchased the 70th Anniversary edition from Amazon

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