September 6, 2011

The Reading Corner.......Poor Little Hearts

From 1814 to 1890, on the small island of Martha's Vineyard, lived Miss Nancy Luce. This plain, unassuming woman became so well-known, that she actually became a legend. She was famous for the love and kindness she bestowed upon her pets, which were chickens. She named them all and wrote poems about them which she self-published in a book called Poor Little Hearts. Miss Nancy sold her little book to the tourists that were visiting her little island. When her beloved pets would succumb to illness or old age, she lovingly placed the creatures in little coffins and gave them a proper burial with little headstones.

Miss Nancy led a lonely life, experiencing poverty and illness due to her eccentricities. Of course, she was the butt of jokes but her faithfulness caught some imaginations and touched the hearts of generations to come, including my own heart. Her grave site is marked by a headstone created and donated by proprietors of New England Marbleworks. It is located in a bright spot within a very old, weathered cemetery. In all seasons, her grave is surrounded by colorful chickens, left by visitors and those whose lives she touched with her love and kindness to animals.

Fall Memory Garden for Miss Nancy Luce

"Be sure and have tender feelings for the poor harmless dumb creatures,
And not abuse them, and not let them suffer,
And not be cruel them in no way, they can't help themselves,
Consider how you would feel, if you could not help yourselves,
And folks crueld you, If you had any of the love of God in your hearts,
You would not cruel the poor harmless dumb creatures....
Be sure and do as you wish to be done by, In deeds, words and thoughts,
To human and to the poor harmless dumb creatures too, Be sure and not do nor say anything, To damage, nor plague any one,
Consider, what a wicked thing it is,
Consider, and stamp all wickedness under foot....
Be sure and choose what is right, in the sight of God,
Be sure and not have any evil conduct, and no evil speaking,
Be sure and have no evil thoughts in your hearts,
Be sure and banish it all clear."
Written by Nancy Luce

Poor Little Hearts
"I raised her in my lap, She loved me dreadfully dearly."
 "Poor Tweedle Dedel Bebbee Pinky"


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