September 17, 2011

Girlfriends Past

Grandmother Grace....now there was a hoot! What a wonderful thing it is to discover old photographs of your parents and grandparents in their younger years. These photos provide such insight as to what they were like, how they dressed, what they did for fun and entertainment. Grandmother Grace lived to be 92 years old. She was one of the most influential persons in my life and I learned so much from her. I always felt she had an amazing sense of humor, an amazing amount of energy and adored her children and grandchildren. She had 16 grandchildren and always said she loved everyone of us equally. I  used to say that when I died, she would be the angel that would come down from heaven and take me back with her...funny how you think these things when you're a kid! Grandmother had lifelong girlfriends. They stayed in touch throughout their lives....sharing stories of marriages, divorces, children, illnesses, travels...all the way through old age and nursing homes. How lucky they were to have these sustained friendships!

Jane Huen, Grace Sheets, Pearl Mix, Grace Pepple, Grace Hutchison

Front of Picture..Grandmother on far left with fedora

What she wrote on back of picture

"Taken at Lake View, April 29, 1910. What fun we had! We 6 in one buggy. Grace Sheets, Tad Laycock. Horse ran off!
Bertha Volbrecht and Harry Seamon. Bertha fell out of buggy.
Josephine Zerkle and Ray Mckee. Josephine fainted and I prayed!"

Grandmother wrote

"The Big 4"
Grace Pepple Harrod
Grace Sheets Osborn
Pearl Mix Beyers
Grace Harrod

This is my favorite!

"Picnic at Huffers"
Eddith McCarty
Grace Osborn
Cecil Howell
Ella Huffer
Grace Harrod
Pearl Byers
Ruth Byers

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