September 30, 2011

Gardening in Autumn

 Katherine Whiteside says gardening ought to be energizing, inspiring, edible and exciting!  Whether you have a half acre of land in the country or a tiny patch of grass in the city, whether you’re an experienced digger or you’ve never held a trowel, Whiteside offers forty-one versatile projects that will make anyone into a proud gardener!

I have discovered a fabulous new gardening book entitled The Way We Garden Now.  Miss Katherine,  known as House Beautiful’s Garden Goddess, tackles every aspect of creating beautiful and personal gardens, from making a new bed to adding decorative details. Ms. Whiteside believes that “fretting over having a perfect garden is not fun, but getting out there and accomplishing basic garden goals will always leave you happily fulfilled.” To that end, she shows how to create the garden that’s just right for you by mixing and matching projects according to your skill level, space limitations, climate, and even how much time you have. The Way We Garden Now is graced with whimsical watercolors, fun sidebars, and Whiteside’s expert tips.

Only 50 miles outside of New York City, Katherine Whiteside's home in Garrison, NY, sits on 4 rolling acres in the Hudson River Valley. "It's Zone 5 at the top of the hill and Zone 4 at the bottom."

Sentimental Handmade Bench

"Autumn is my favorite season. My garden in planned to crescendo in September and October, with more flowers and food than imaginable. It makes a beautiful backdrop for late-season annuals that keep going until Thanksgiving. It makes me want to be outside!"

Protecting a batch of peonies by topping skinny posts with gourds
Beautiful garden tools
Displaying gourds on windowsill

Apple Tree Surrounded by Two Sets
of Picnic Benches. What a Great Place
To Sit and Watch Wildlife

Fresh Garden Produce Displayed on her Kitchen Table
The Scarecrow Named "Sheryl Crow"

When asked, "How does nature influence the way you decorate?".....Katherine's reply was,

"I'm a real nature nut. I painted my walls soft, warm sunrise/sunset colors because the sky is so pretty at those times. Plus those colors make people's complexions look beautiful, too. Vanity can be a good thing! I always try to bring something new from the gardens inside to display. It reminds everyone how the seasons continually offer us beautiful things to look at-even in winter."

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