July 10, 2011

Whatever You Wish...I'll Be Wishing With You....

The loveliest of evenings....by the ocean at sunset! We spent the day preparing for children and grand babies to arrive at The Maine House. Whew! I think we must be getting a tad bit older..just a tad mind you! We started the day at one of my favorite shopping venues..Target (which we refer to as Targae). Baby items for Luke the Duke and new summer sheets for the guest beds. I had totally forgotten that all of the bedrooms were still dressed in their flannel winter sheets. It was time for them to be refreshed into their cooler summer sets! This made me recall when The Divine Miss M moved out into her own apartment and her youngest sibling, Robbie, asked her if she remembered to put on her summer sheets? She replied, "Mom! What little boy knows about summer sheets?"...See...teach your children well I always say! But oh dear.....where could they be??? Still packed....somewhere! You see, we have never unpacked completely, as we plan on this New England stay being temporary, so there are boxes which were moved from Texas that remain packed up and ready to go home. 

I purchased a beautiful navy set for the little twin spindle bed in Darling's room. This is really the 4th bedroom and our coastal/office room. I love this little bed. It was Darling's childhood antique bed.

 Then for the 3rd bedroom, which went from The Princess Room, to the Cottage Room, I selected a soft pink vintage set from their cottage collection! Perfect! Mae always participates in "bed-making!"

Mae! Our Wild and Crazy Girl!

Then it was off to Sam's for the drink orders, a new portable cooler and a few baby items for the Atlanta couple. Another quick trip to a The Christmas Tree Store (I love this place) for more citronella candles and then home! Back home again for chores, cleaning and installing a new window AC! OK....time for a quick summer nap!

Wait! Didn't my birthday card say....
"A day for relaxing, a day for dreaming and a day for you?"
 What happened to this?

I suggested we do an impromptu "wine by the ocean at sunset" evening so off we went to Hannaford's for a few appetizers, portable bottles of Pinot and headed out to the coastline. How lucky to be able to drive fifteen minutes and have this view. So we enjoyed a lovely evening of wine, salami, cheese and fresh fruit....as we watched the sailboats, the seagulls and the sun setting. Magical, peaceful and lovely! A most wonderful day!

We also discovered a new beach area to take the children. Rather secluded, soft white sand and a lovely view of coastal homes. It's a wonderful life!

Oh yes....my birthday gift from Darling? New perfume of Estee Lauder, Beautiful! It's how he makes feel...always.....

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  1. I'm going back and back reading, The Maine House sounds so comfortable no matter what the season. I had to laugh when I read you'd forgotten the beds were still dressed in flannel, that happened to me this spring when the kids were coming for a visit!


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