January 1, 2011

With Sincere Appreciation...

I would like to extend my sincere "thank you" for taking time to read The Maine House blog! I have been pleasantly surprised and most delighted in hearing from you all! Like so many others, this has provided a creative outlet for me to share my love of beautiful things, the love and learning of gardening, and sharing the best of our family recipes and home cooking!

Many of you have sent messages letting me know how much you have enjoyed reading these postings and how a particular recipe, beautiful picture, as expressed to me from darling Gabriele..... or a history fact....well.....inspired you. That was my goal and it delighted my heart to learn this.

I have made new friends along this path.....my new friend Patricia, who I continue to learn from and laugh with on her own blog, my long-time friend, Janis, who is probably the "best-spirited" and most kind- hearted person I have known, and my friend Vicki who now has a love for transferware!

Isn't it funny how this method of "connection" has developed each of us to learn not only about each other, but our own self as well.....

Happy Blogging and Many Blessings.....
Estelle's at The Maine House

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