January 16, 2011

Constancy and Sincerity...The Hyacinth!

Looking for a little pick-me-up for the winter doldrums?

 Yes, in fact I am! As my thoughts "spring forward", I visualize Mother's beautiful yard in Mississippi. She had the most magnificent Azalea's, Camellia's, Tulips and Hyacinths! Oh those Hyacinths...fragrant and the most vivid purple and soft lavender colors....really takes me back home! Of course, Maine is just beginning the winter season and we shall live with the snow and cold until May. There is a very short growing season in New England and even though local nurseries receive their spring supplies in early April, it is highly recommended that you do not plant anything until after Memorial Day! Hmmmm....so I shall just need to expand my indoor garden.

The Farmer's Almanac gave me some good information on how I can expand my Amaryllis and Narcissus plants to include our beloved Hyacinths!

Try growing flowers inside your home. Hyacinths, crocuses and narcissus bulbs all can be grown indoors in soil-less, containers, even when the wind is whipping outside.

To do so, try these two processes. The first is ‘forcing.’ That simply means that the flowers will bloom prior to the time it would naturally bloom outdoors. The second method is hydroculture – growing bulbs without soil in containers. By combining these two processes, flowers can bloom, root and bulb in a glass container.

Your Supply List

* Glass Rectangular Container or Special Hyacinth Jars – Hyacinth jars allow the bulb to rest at the top of the jar while the roots trail below into the water.
* Activated Charcoal Chips (opt.) – help keep the water acidic and prevents algae growth.
* Pebbles or Marbles – serve as bedding material to hold the bulbs in place and to house the root system.
* Flowering Bulbs – any of following: hyacinths, crocuses, or narcissus.
* Soluble Plant Food & Water – encourages plant growth
* Paper Shopping Bag – to cover bulbs and container during the cool, dormancy stage.

Planting Hyacinths and Crocuses in Hyacinth Jars (in water only):
If you have special hyacinth jars you can grow hyacinths and crocuses in water alone as the hyacinth jar is designed to keep the bulb upright.

1. Simply fill the glasses with enough water to barely touch the base of the bulb as it rests in the container.

2. Add a small piece of activated charcoal to the water in the glass container to prevent algae growth.

3. Cover the bulb and container with a paper bag. Place the planted container in a cool, dark place around 55°F. Leave until roots have developed and the top growth has begun.

4. Check water after three weeks. Add water as needed, keeping the water level just below the bottom of the bulb.

5. Bring the planted container out of the cool, dark room and place it where it can receive light to continue the growth and blooming process.

White garden roses, lavender and grape hyacinth bouquets
tied with violet organza ribbon

I always love to know the meaning of a flower...what the flower represents.
 It is glorious to gaze over your garden and know why you chose a particular flower or plant and perhaps the shade of color when you know the representation.....
The hyacinth represents constancy, while blue hyacinth expresses sincerity.
 Yes, that was my mother...indeed!

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