October 22, 2019


Hello Loves....
There is something so soothing about being outdoors in October,
relaxing amid the sounds of nature...
we watch the days grow shorter...night skies come earlier
and we can cozy up with our throws and enjoy the fireside......
Here are some additions at Estelle's,
as we continue to celebrate this wonderful Autumn season.....

As we move closer to Halloween, it was the perfect
weekend to bring out our front scarecrow and give her a place of honor
for the remainder of October!
This little darlin' has withstood wind and rain for a few years now
and still looks pretty darn cute!

I added a new Autumn look to the kitchen farmhouse table
which will transition us into Thanksgiving....
a warm, casual feel for informal dining.

I am putting together the look for the Thanksgiving feast.....

Our tiny scarecrow needed a few minor repairs
after seasons of wear and tear, but nothing
that a little hot glue couldn't fix!

Don't you love that yellow looks marvelous not only
in Summer, but also during Fall?

We limited ourselves to two pumpkins this year
and found this adorable one at Trader Joe's!

This one was a bit roly-poly so we placed him beside
the little garden flag and next to Daddy's angel.....
my father passed away in the month of October and my sister and I
purchased this garden angel for Mother, in addition to creating 
a fall garden for her in remembrance...not a day goes by
that I do not think of my dear parents......

All is right again in Mae Mobley's world since we are back
from Atlanta....we can tell she is so happy to have us home....

In the evening, when all the lights glow with that autumn amber,
 I look around at all the decorations and just think how much
enjoyment this decor brings me......each and every pumpkin,
garland and candle....I love them all.....

I also decided to add a few fall florals to the laundry room
with leftover decor....nothing new, but adds a special seasonal touch!

This week, our youngest will be home for a few days
so I have his request for some of his favorites from Mom's kitchen...
this gorgeous baking dish will hold Paula Deen's

If you decide on a trip to Trader Joe's you may want to add
this to your shopping basket....the BEST Ginger Snaps in the entire world
and the cookie mix will be served during Thanksgiving!!!!
Oh yes, we dip our Ginger Snaps in Strawberry Cream Cheese,
just like Mother did!
Divine I tell you......

It was the perfect weekend for our grandson's annual
ranch camp out with a few of his buddies...and this year.
Miss Abbie and her sweet beau Brennan took time off from 
college studies to enjoy the weekend....
true Texas kids ...don't let the guns fool you....
nothing was harmed during this photo shoot!!!!

Over in Atlanta....son-in-law Jay prepared his 
famous spaghetti sauce...
she married the true Italian and he makes the authentic Italian Sunday gravy....

Hope y'all have a great week...
Be Blessed and Be Kind!!!!


  1. You have made your home so inviting , inside and out. Mae looks to be content . I love that you get your family things they love to eat while they are back home . Your son in law's sauce looks thick, I would love some of that. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Lovely touches and the scarecrows are cute not scary, which I so appreciate. Oh that spaghetti sauce looks amazing and is making me hungry. That’s not easy to do!

  3. It’s all so lovely! I love Trader Joe’s!
    Remember the devil’s food cake recipe? Did you bake yours in a bundt pan?
    How did that work out with the topping being on the bottom?
    I’m loving the cooler weather, too. Wish it could stay like this for a long long time.

    1. Hi Linda...I baked the cake in a bundt pan and only sprinkled the top with the pecans and coconut..just baked beautiful and was very moist....once baked, I inverted the cake on to a serving plate and displayed the cake so the pecans and coconut were on the top.

  4. Your home is a prefect picture of the love and comfort of the season. beautiful :)

  5. I love all your decorations. I am half way there. Just a few more pumpkins to put around.

  6. Enjoyed all of your fall decor, love those flower boxes in your laundry room!
    Ginger snaps are a favorite around here, must try dipping in the strawberry cream cheese, sounds yummy!
    How nice to have the angel as a reminder of your wonderful parents, I still miss and think of my dad so often.
    Enjoy visiting with your son.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. we need your beautiful sense of home and peace and fellowship. there is always an ode to what's important in life here. memories … scenes … sights … and delicious smells from your Autumn kitchen! (not to mention your Italian son in law's … oh MY!)
    thank you for your wonderfully happy posts darling bean. and we're expecting some REAL FALL weather now! xo

  8. Oh My!! that lil condiment tray in your centerpiece??? Was that your mom's?? I LOVE that!!!
    I haven't thought about Sunday gravy since I was in Italy....shared that with many locals while I was there. I could eat that whole pot he's made!!!
    Ms. Mae looks like she's smilin!!!!!!

    1. This oil and vinegar truet is very old and my parents bought this while visting a plantation home in the Delta..I simply love this piece!

  9. where is this chocolate cake of which Linda is asking about?????

    1. It's a few posts back Janey...a chocolate pecan coconut bundt cake....delicious!


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