August 1, 2017

WELCOME AUGUST AND HELLO VACATION we are....the last month of Summer, 2017.
It seems it has gone pretty fast with fun times
family birthday celebrations!

The hibiscus have brought us so much joy this season...
just beautiful, beautiful pink blooms!

I adore watching the hydrangea change it's colors....
wasn't sure if I would be successful growing this one, but
it is really taking off after one year.

Swimming felt so, so soothing last weekend...
we had a HOT few days and we are so thankful to have
a pool to relax in for a summer afternoon!

Part of the fun of family vacation is the planning and the shopping.....
now comes the list making, menu decisions and packing smartly.

We bring certain dry foods and then make a big shopping trip
on our first day....this is part of the fun, however I'll be missing
Miss M this time around....son number 1 is going to take her position
in the grocery trip!

This is the time to choose accessories and only take
items I am actually planning to wear.

Stocking the bar for our cocktail hour is going to look
so beachy this year....thanks Target!

We can never know about the days to come........
But we think about them anyway........
These are the good old days!


  1. Such pretty photos. I like the pillow and chair cushion colors. Your summer jewelry looks beautiful. Vacation are always a special treat. With family along, it will be a lot of fun. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. Hi Susie....thank you for stopping by today. Not every year is a vacation, so it's always nice to look forward to a time when we can spend a week away...hope you are enjoying your day!

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! you know I love me a good beach trip!!! and I should have known that you would have an organized method of packing fun, cute things! what is the piece that has Captain on it? may need that for our Cap'n!
    Ya'll have a blast....laugh fun foods....and most importantly, soak up the love of your family!! Does ms Mae get to tag along????

    1. Yes Janey...Mae is going to make her first beach trip. The "Captain' is one of our cute! Hope you have a great week!

  3. you do know that I live vicariously through you! LOL! and we're living very well. :)
    the pictures and your new banner pictures are perfect.
    and I'm so glad little mae mobley gets to go this year!
    you won't believe this. but we've had a cool misty soft rainy day here. in the low 70's.
    unheard of in August! normally we're in the triple digits all the way. but not this day.
    ALL day COOL! it has been like a special gift from heaven to me. (well. and everyone of course!)
    it's so beautiful. IT alone has been my vacation! and just nigh onto perfection itself!

    1. Oh Tammy...a cool misty rainy day sounds heavenly....very overcast and gray here, which I LIKE actually..reminds me of are such a dear....yes, Mae goes where we go from now on...thank you for such sweet comments and if you are entertained for a few moments...well, that's perfect...warm hugs!

  4. I know- I have a big list that I check off as I go so that I don't forget things. Then, I use it to repack when I come home so I don't forget anything by mistake...of course some stuff just gets crossed off as it is used. lol
    Enjoy your vacation and have funn. xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana....we have a few more weeks of anticipation which provides time for organizing and decisions on wardrobe. I hope to see some photos and news of your summer fun soon! Thank you for visiting today..hugs!


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