July 13, 2017


We are mid summer right now, so my thoughts are always
thinking of new ideas for the fall months, which to me 
begins on September 1st.
I try not to get ahead too much by using September as a
transition month before bringing out the golden russets of autumn.
When I came across this beautiful table runner, 
I knew that this was going to be my inspiration piece
for late summer/early fall.

I added this darling little tray which featured that 
lovely color of turquoise to match the runner.
I love little serving trays as I find they
have a multitude of uses....

The tray was only five dollars, so of course,
I picked up this cute little milk bottle too, for a mere three dollars.
I took this three new pieces and thought it would be fun
to pull together a little kitchen vignette using
other items I had on hand....

And....so it came together using a cake stand, plates,
a farmer's market sign I had hanging in the pantry,

one of my favorite sugar/creamer sets and a vintage silver spreader.
I used fresh limes for color and baked some
fresh blueberry muffins....

I plan on using the glass milk bottle for holiday brunches..
perhaps adding chocolate milk for the kiddos...they'll love that.....

I have used these little country french pitchers so often....
they seem to go with just about anything...
I purchased the plates from HOME GOODS 
many years ago...love the color and pattern...

Wouldn't this be so cute when serving your family
a weekend breakfast?

I love pairing old and new together.....
this little tea towel was another farmhouse style I found at
Target a few years ago.

Another little Target addition....

You just may see some of these items
popping up in October....somehow I
can totally see these with pumpkins and mums...
I would love to see what you plan for early fall.....please share with me!


  1. Betsy, You remind of how I have not been making cute table scapes this year. I did one for spring and the 4th of July...but basically I have left it bare. Now I want to change things up. I usually copy from Carol at "Sand and Art." hehe. I love the tray. I really like trays for organizing and helping to carry many things at once to the table.Blessings for a great summer day there. xoxo, Susie

    1. I can relate Susie...I sometimes am in the mood to stay the same, then I become inspired by some little something to change the scenery a bit...cannot wait to see what you come up with...have a lovely day dear friend.

  2. Target has such cute things! I have that towel with the cow, sheep and chicken stacked! I adore the autumn season, and I love to decorate for it. I love the deep russet colors of the season, and I've been eyeing how beautiful the blue transferware is with the deep oranges of autumn. I've been thinking about how to incorporate this idea into my decor for autumn!

    1. Oh yes Deanna....I agree...love, love Autumn colors....cannot wait.

  3. Ah, these photos are worthy of being in a magazine spread! I'm counting down to September first!
    Leaving patriotic up until the end of the month and on August first, I'm pulling out all of my sunflower decorations! I even stored them in a separate place from the rest of the fall debris! I can't wait! We are nearly there!

    1. Aw, so happy you enjoyed this Linda....I have been thinking of you and your love for Sunflowers...they are goregous this year and just spring up in the most unexpected places along the interstates....I have been planning and gathering ideas for fall...it's hard to wait....I'll dream right along side you...have a happy day love.

  4. I really haven't thought about fall yet. But, like you I start decorating the first of Sept for fall. It has been so bloody HOT here that all I can think of is hurry and get my work done early and rest in the heat of the day.

    I can remember my Aunt Nell (from Virginia) getting up early on hot days and getting her work done and getting dinner in order then up the stairs she would go - take her bath and lay down for an hr or so during the heat of the day. Then she would come down after getting dressed for dinner. once dinner was over and dishes done it was off to the front porch and stay until dark. There were NO A/C then, but lots of trees keeping the house pretty cool. So I can hardly wit for fall with cooler nights.

    Have a great weekend Estelle. I really enjoyed your post and you got some lovely items from Target.


    1. Oh Mary....this was so much like staying with our Grandmother during the summers....how marevlous those memories are....I loved that you shared this today....those were our carefree childhood summer days, weren't they? Enjoy your weekend love.

  5. I am like you- and start to decorate for Fall on Sept 1st. Other than that, I hang on to summer for as long as I can because summers are so short here. You pulled some beautiful fall ideas together and I am waiting to transition, too. xo Diana

    1. I love that Diana....I think so many of us love fall and all the decor that we love to pull out. It cannot come soon enough for me...Maine had such short spring and summer months too so FALL was glorious but lasted such a short bit....Hope you are enjoying the summer!


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