October 18, 2015


Deep in the woodlands south of Atlanta,
the Cubs went camping!

I thought this would be perhaps a father-son bonding time,
however The Divine Miss M proved that she could
run with the big dogs....and
pulled herself up by her boot straps to join them...
or perhaps it was flip-flops!

Keep in mind....
she has never been "tent camping" 
in her life.
Yes, sweet girl....
I love your lumberjack shirt,
but I don't think flip-flops are considered camping shoes!

I did hear that the first night proved to be a bit rough!
Luke was scared.....crawled into his Mom's cot....
40 degree Autumn weather at night
very little sleep........

Is this a horny toad?
I exit stage right at lizards....

On second thought...'this does look like rather nice and peaceful....
a place to commune with nature and be alone in your thoughts.
Probably not possible with a den of cub scouts running about.....

This looks just beautiful....
I wish Maine Grandma and Papa could have tagged along!

Now is this picture not a prize winner?
Miss Kelly added a new member to the family....
A tiny black orphaned kitten they named Shadow...
From top to bottom...
River, Shadow and Miss Chili

Now back at home...
we had a marvelous October weekend.
Cool temperatures finally arrived after a rather hot week.
I added these little beauties to the kitchen..
all on clearance!

How about cranberry bagels with cream cheese!
That beautiful pitcher is from Ree Drummond's
new Pioneer Woman collection found at Wal-Mart!
I love, love, love it!

Is everyone preparing for Trick-or-Treater's?
I adore anything from The Peanuts line
so these little yummies came home with me! 

Have y'all tried these yet?
Divine I tell you! 

My best Minestrone soup is on the menu for the week....
All organic and fresh...
maybe some Beer Bread to go along with the soup!

Now what a beautiful sweet ending to a perfect October weekend! 

Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too! 


  1. Camping in flip flops is a new one to me!!!! Looks like a fabulous weekend!

  2. Now I like that idea of a tent on a wood base where it's high and dry, and wood frame beds to sleep on. A lot more comfortable than sleeping bags on a tent floor on lumpy ground! I love Crunch bars and they are very hard to find up here. I'm avoiding the Halloween candy until a few days before the day as I'll be in to it and will have to buy more! Great photo of the cats and pup on the cat tower! Those plaid dishes are so cute! I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. That looks like some fancy tent camping.....the kind I like!

  4. Very nice set-up for the tent! I might still be willing to go camping if it was that nice. (I quit years ago!) Have not seen the pitcher from Ree's line, though I have purchased two of the knives and I do love them. They work like a dream. Sweet picture of the furbabies all getting to know one another. The candy has been dwindling around here. I hide it on John; he hides it on me. We really don't have much left to worry about. We usually are much better behaved!

  5. Doesn't everyone in Texas camp with flip flops on????


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