July 21, 2015


Hello Loves...how is your month of July going?
Today is our first day this summer to reach TRIPLE DIGITS here in Texas...
not too bad for summer in Texas!!!

Are you a quilt lover?
I am....have been ever since I was little bitty.
I know I inherited this from my grandmother's and my parents...
they LOVED quilts!
I treasure the ones I have collected over the years,
which reminds me that I need to be on the lookout
for a new quilt rack to display more of them in 
one of our guest bedrooms! 

I don't know if you ever shop the Better Homes and Gardens collection
at Wal-Mart (yes....I said Wal-Mart)
but they have some lovely home goods!
This gorgeous medallion quilt being one of them!

I must have stood there in the isle for five minutes looking
at this quilt and touching the fabric before
I could no longer resist....
into the buggy it went...
Unbelievable for a full/queen sized beautifully made quilt
at a mere

I showcased it in the formal dining room..
a light and bright reflection of summer!
We will have a few months to enjoy this
before it's time to bring Autumn into the home!

We finished up shopping for our vacation this past weekend!
I decided to change things up a bit
and purchased a new boxed Pinot I found at Total Wines!
So convenient to share with my girls during
 cocktail hours and easier to transport than bottles!

My new used copy of  the LINCOLN coffee table book arrived.
I could pour over this for hours....
in case you have not seen it yet,
HBO documentaries features the author of this book,
Peter Kunhardt  in
which chronicles his family in collecting
many, many original photos and treasures
from President Lincoln's presidency!
I focus much of my reading on certain presidential families....
The Lincolns, The Roosevelts, The Kennedy's and The Bush's!
(photo bomb..courtesy of Mae Mo')

Since the dogs days of summer are here,
we eat light,,,,,
a cold salad and iced tea are featured on the lunch menu! 

Have you tried Sargento's Balanced Breaks?
I add a little package of these to our salads with a balsamic vinaigrette
and it adds such a wonderful taste..
white cheddar cheese bites, sea salted roasted almonds and dried cranberries!

What's his sweet treat you ask?
His favorite Neopolitan ice cream
a lemon Milano.....
By the way....
we have been going through Blue Bell withdrawl!
We have full confidence they will be back in all their glory!

The darling found my little monogrammed travel set...
I LOVE this set....
have had it for years...many years!
I ordered this from the Lillian Vernon catalog probably 40 years ago...
Do y'all remember that catalog?
That was an oldie but goodie......

Miss Debbie, our new Cat Nanny came to visit this morning....
It was progress....Mae came as far as the bedroom door
and observed the conversation for about five minutes
before darting under the bed....
I won't worry about her too much as she will
be safe and sound in her own home with her belongings and
her babies.....
oh yes....the Cat Nanny was telling me that she was 
babysitting a pig for the very first time...
A P-I-G...I tell you!
In the house.....they keep a pig in the house...
her name is Penelope and she is litter boxed trained...
I don't think so scooter......can you imagine living with pig?
A horse maybe....but not a pig......


  1. A horse maybe...hahahahaha...

    Lovely use of the Wal*Mart quilt. Those colors would work for months! I am no box store snob so shopping at Wal*Mart works for me!

  2. I love old quilts and have a few that are family heirlooms made by hand from pretty fabric scraps - old dresses and shirts perhaps. No, I would not want a pet pig in the house but I've heard of it before. Not for me! lol Enjoy your summer days. I wish is was in the 80's here as it's chilly and wet and I would love some heat. :)

  3. Ha! I've seen pigs in houses before. It's cute as can be but not for me!

    We have been so lucky with our Texas temps this year. Why does it seem so blasted hot already though? You go outside and just about die.

    Your quilt is so pretty!

  4. Oh Girl............seriously??? our household is literally shaking and sweating because of Blue Bell withdrawals!!! Hubs eats it every single Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of his life. He is a stick and never gains weight with hardly any blood pressure at all. Makes me sick. He checks EVERY SINGLE DAY to see if manufacturing is back up. And he's tried every kind of ice cream left in the freezers at the stores....hates em all. I made the mistake of making homemade for 4th of july and now he wants me to make it all the time. Nada. Ain't happening.
    So yes!! I feel your withdrawal pains!!!

    1. Yes, yes, yes...Deb! When we lived in Maine, we could not find a decent ice cream....no Chick Fil A or Blue Bell was never going to do.....so we moved home! They will be back I hear around November..so tell Hubs to hang on...!!!


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