April 28, 2014


Perhaps, it is beach inspired! But our love for turquoise seems to be first and foremost for the warmer months of spring and summer. Shades of blues and greens blend together creating the beautiful watercolor shades of seaglass. I know one of my daughters-in-law is crazy in love with anything turquoise! So, with this as our inspiration, it's fun to keep your chosen color scheme in mind, when shopping for home finds, decorating your outdoors or adorning yourself with jewels!

A sweet and cheery apron can put you in the mood to play some music and
 dance around your kitchen!

What a lovely place setting this dinnerware could create! Yellow would be a perfect accent color for this gorgeous shade of turquoise! I would find this ideal for a ladies luncheon or a seafood buffet featuring some wicked good Maine Lobstah !

I have always had a fondness for creamers and petite pitchers.
Now, I have something in mind to shop for a estate sales and trade days!

I am going to have to purchase a set of turquoise ball jars! I gave one set to Jenn,
so these would be perfect for ice cold lemonade during the summer months!

Distressed and antiqued turquoise kitchen cabinets! How old world! Love this look!

I love this delicate cake stand! I need a trip to Home Goods! I so would love to have this!

My wish for a birthday cake! Here is my inspiration to create something beautiful and yummy!!!

How fun to create such a cool looking and colorful outdoor serving table!
I love that cake stand too! Oh my....so much to shop for!

How can it be possible to fall in love with Salt and Pepper shakers?

I love everything about this! Don't you?

Is this not gorgeous? One normally sees wrought iron fences in black,
but I love whoever thought to create such a lovely garden space surrounded by turquoise!

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  1. If I had to choose, I'd take the turquoise kitchen cabinets and little miss fluffy face. Hugs

  2. Oh, Beautiful! I love it all!

    That layered cake is my new inspiration for my daughter's birthday cake at the end of May! I also love those cabinets in the kitchen and the wrought iron fencing! Love!

    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful things!

    1. I agree Deanna! I am going to try to create this for a few special birthdays coming up! We shall see.....glad you enjoyed all these lovely things!

  3. I love all of the turquoise items. One of my favorite colors and my doesn't that cake look yummy!

    1. I just have to try to make this cake Beth! A challenge I think! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Dearest Estelle, You must use this blog post on Wednesday and by the way you can Link Up more then one post!
    I never use to like the color turquoise, and then one day, many moons ago, I was at the beach and realized I LOVED the color! I also just love little pitchers! And I was just talking to my DIL and I told her how we both needed to get a cake plate! It just screamed SPRING. . .
    I always so look forward to your posts!
    Always, Roxy

    1. You are too sweet Roxy! I am happy you enjoy reading my posts. This color is definitely inspired by our love for ocean colors. Looking forward to your link party! Thank you for visiting today and I wish you a lovely week ahead!

  5. I'll take one of everything! lol! I love turquoise and it's good to see so much of it out now. It looks so good with most any other color, especially red.


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