October 19, 2021



I wanted to share the cutest little kitchen appliance ever!
I purchased one of these last year and sent it to our little
grandson, Luke the Duke and he loved it!
So, I decided to buy one for ourselves this year, but
as luck would have it, the price had increased ALOT!!!

Well, lo and behold friends, TARGET has this little waffle maker
in stock for $9.99....and I hopped right on it....with one little click,
into my shopping cart it went!!

I also highly recommend these little egg bites....
perfect for a quick and easy breakfast!

SOMETIMES.....it's the little things that can make one happy........


  1. Your video made me happy. I unmuted it and enlarged it. Yes, very happy indeed, especially Miss Mae and the sizzling bacon. I have a mini waffle maker somewhere...

  2. Oh my goodness...I'm going to look for that waffle maker too! My hubby would love that! Hugs!

  3. What a cute waffle maker and that is a great price! So fun! Those omelet bites look good, too!

  4. Off to target I go!!! My grand babies are gonna LOVE this!!!

  5. OMGOSH. YUM! and another exquisite tiny video! those little egg bites look delicious too! XO

  6. I agree, it's mostly the small things that make me happy. Like a spontaneous hug from my year old granddaughter or cooking dinner with my 14 year old grandson. Life's joys. I love your posts!

  7. We no larger have Target stores here. I will look for that waffle maker. Cute video.

  8. I have the mini-waffle maker but not the one that makes pumpkins. How cute is that!!!!! Loving those omelet bites! Hope you have a really great week- xo Diana

  9. Great find, I know what I will be looking for at Target, the video was perfect! Thank you for sharing.


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