October 14, 2021


Company is coming for the weekend!
I always want a visit from the children
to enable them to use all of their senses
as they come through the front door...
It's a passion of mine to create
an autumnal home refresh for a seasonal gathering.

It's just plain fun to go through the fall bins
and place thoughtful touches throughout your home.

Of course, everyone migrates to the kitchen
to see what's cooking, which today,
features a yummy brunch, a fresh and light appetizer, a heartwarming
healthy soup and a hand held sweet ending......

This brunch idea came from my sweet and lovely friend, Linda
over at Linda's Life Journal...
this was my very first Dutch Baby.....

Hop over to Linda's blog for her delicious recipe.......


The darling had two servings of this....
I topped mine with fresh berries, bananas, powdered sugar and whipped cream!

Fresh Zucchini, salt and pepper, Lemon Juice,
Ricotta, Green Onion, Olive Oil and fresh herbs


Onions, Bell Peppers, Cabbage, Celery, Garlic, Tomatoes,
Vegetable Broth, and Dry Onion Soup Mix

Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

Lovingly layered home furnishings are used in
the upstairs bedrooms.....
soft sheets, quilts, velvet pillows and soft chenille throws

I have been a lover of quilts from the time I was a child...
both my grandmother's made beautiful quilts and there
was something very comforting about soft quilts on every bed
in the house....so I continue that with our home.....

I just treasure my collection of velvet pumpkins....
I purchase all these from ETSY......
If you are interested, I'll send you the name of my
favorite maker of these beautiful handmade pumpkins......

I had one particular quilt that I have been searching
for for over one year, and lo and behold, found
a twin size on Wayfair...oh happy day....
just what I wanted for our guest bedroom
that features our antique spindle bed which
was the darling's little childhood twin bed!

This quilt did not include a pillow sham,
which was fine with me....I wanted to layer
the shams, and chose a beautiful velvet shade of blush,
along with cottage style floral sheets....

A luxurious touch of the season with more velvet pumpkins....

This pattern is just so very romantic featuring birds, butterflies
and vintage post script.....

Jack the Jack Russell terrier, belongs to Luke the Duke...
he stays right on top of this bed waiting for a visit from him.....

This bedroom is actually referred to as "Robbie's room",
which features his bedroom furniture from his childhood years....
it all belongs to him....if I could turn back time, I would...
I would have all the children back home...I miss that....

You may say that I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one…….



  1. Your beds look absolutely sumptuous. I am a quilt lover, too - it's that stippled texture that gets me.

  2. Hi Betsy,

    What a warm welcome you've laid on for your visitors (family I presume?) They'll look forward to stretching out on those cozy, pretty beds you've made. I love the velvet pumpkins -- I have just a few here. Your purple ones are beautiful! I also love that spindle bed; my sister and I had twin spindle beds when we were growing up. My mom still has them, I believe. :)

    Your food looks so yummy, most especially the Dutch babies. I've wanted to fix some of those for the longest time; I'll have to check out your friend's recipe. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones, Betsy!!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. Everything is all so beautiful at home as it always is! I' certain your children love coming home every bit as much as you love having them!
    I was surprised to see the shout out to my blog! And I'm honored I had a reccipe for YOU! I have used so many of yours I stopped counting!
    I hear we hava a cold front arriving tomorrow! I sure hope it doesn't tarry! I'm itching to have a fire in the den!

  4. It is wonderful that you incorporate all five senses into your decor. It makes for a marvelous time at home for your family.

  5. OMG, that picture of the back side of Mae and front side of Jack on the bed is beyond fabulous. Don't you just love it?!! Oh sooooooo precious.💕

  6. Lovely! That quilt is perfect!

    Good food, lovely guests (family), beautiful home environment. Delights everywhere you look.

    Betsy, you have a gift for beauty.

  7. Ok. I’m making that soup this week!!! Looks delightful. And apple recipe plz??!!
    Your home is always so cozy….I wanna be your kid too!!!!


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