June 22, 2024



During this lull of summer and taking a break from
planning for the holiday season, I like to use this time
to gather some of the best of the best recipes..
I keep them in my holiday binder and then I am able
to go to one organized place to pull out those that I am going
to want to use for each holiday....fall baking, Halloween,
football tailgating, Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas!

I had seen this cookie recipe featured on Pinterest and thought
they looked like they would be delicious and easy to make...
you may want to save this one....it's a winner!!!!

I baked the first couple of batches for 12 minutes.
The last batch I baked for 15 minutes and they were a little browner
and a bit crispier, if this is the texture you prefer!
A great, delicious cookie laced with coconut and oats....
I think you're gonna love them!
Happy baking y'all!


  1. I look forward to trying this cookie recipe, thank you!
    I always look forward to your delightful and inspiring posts.
    Jan H

  2. Goodness! They look wonderful...Thank you for posting the recipe!

  3. They look good but I do not care for coconut! You've got me in the baking mood though!

  4. These sound delicious! Thank you for the recipe!


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