August 12, 2022


Yes, you read this,
we are going to think of the fall season and dream
about the holidays!
I know many of you share the love of the fall season
just as I do.
It's just lovely to plan the decorations, the recipes,
football games and all the celebratory gatherings you will be having!
So, on that note, I have said many times, that I look for an
inspiration piece that draws me in...and I found it for Autumn.......

And, THESE are my inspiration pieces for this season's color palette.
I am still not quite sure, but I think I am going with much
more subtle colors this year, which is vastly different than previous years!

I simply adore this print!
I can remember writing a post previously, stating who would want to decorate
in fall with white and ivory when fall colors are so vibrant, deep and rich!
So, I would love to know your thoughts on fall color palettes...
what colors are you drawn to this year?
I found a few inspiration photos that may help us both
visualize what we can achieve with these subtle, softer colors of Autumn...

I really like this, however the wreath looks a bit lost
due to the size........
think how much more dramatic this entry would be with some big orange pumpkins and
 a few potted yellow mums!+

I love this.....
it's soft and elegant....just by adding a few leaves found in nature.....

I like this look too....
the colors are cozy

Here is a perfect example of going neutral and
pulling in a little sage green and peach...
very vintage for fall.......

I think the soft wool makes these neutral colors feel warm and cozy

Love the twig garland mixed
with the glam of the candlesticks...

A very pretty, yet subtle kitchen nook....

This is a lovely, pretty inexpensive idea for a table centerpiece

Now, this is an example of neutral that needs some fall color added
{strictly my thoughts when I am look at this}

I really love this.....I would never have thought
of adding the rustic wheat and cat tails to this basket.....
All photos are from Pinterest and I am so thankful
to find inspiration from the creators of these dΓ©cor photos!
I hope this provided YOU with some thoughts toward
decorating for the fall season's such a grand time for us all
to look forward to!
I thank you for stopping by Estelle's today!



  1. I like your neutral colours. The pumpkin cushion is very pretty.

  2. Ahhh, yes, but I have the luxury of not wishing for it in August. I hear the furnace is still roaring in Texas. I'll be back in September to take a closer look.

  3. Ahhhhhh, you have changed your Header and Blog Look already!!!!! :-)

    This plan looks lovely, here in pics, on your blog. But for a home, I am not quite sure, as yet. Wouldn't it depend on the color schemes of one's home? Being able to introduce a pale palette, to them?

    Can you do this, in your rooms?

    Which brings to mind, I would love to see photos of the rooms in your home.<---Pushy much?!?!? But I adore decor and layouts and etc. Everywhere! I'm even more interested in the "sets", than in the plots of movies/tv. ,-)

    Thank you for a lovely topic, to think on....

    πŸ’› πŸ’› πŸ’› πŸ’›

  4. I would never have thought of using soft, neutral colors for the fall season, however, I must say I love the look of every photo you posted. Thanks for giving me new ideas for my fall decor.


  5. Oh, I love the white pumpkins at Fall, but I must have my traditional orange ones as well. Thank you for sharing many delightful ideas on here. I love that mirror with the leaf garland. And that little white soft pumpkin is too cute. There's nothing like candles with the scent of spice, cinnamon, and apple around Fall, is there?



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