August 17, 2022


Good Morning all my Kindred Spirits...
how is your fall decorating going?
I do believe by the time September rolls around,
we may be closing in on getting the fall bins out of the attic
and gathering inspiration from all the social media sites and magazines!
It's a lovely time for entertaining and hosting family gatherings!
Here are a few snippets from around the house at Estelle's.....

The darling and I enjoyed date night at one of our
all time favorite restaurants here in the Metroplex!

Food was delicious, waiter was great and atmosphere was wonderful!

Have you chosen your favorites from fall line of Bath and Body Works yet?
I did not intend to add to my fall candles this year but,
I did however, stock up on the foaming hand soaps on sale!

Walmart is not over the top this year on their fall decorations,
but I did purchase this darling little pumpkin for the kitchen!
I love the colors, the textures and size, along with the message!

This is a small sample of what the farmhouse table will be dressed
like starting in September,,,,I think I'm going to love this look!

I created a small centerpiece the other day which I will share
in an upcoming post, and these are just a few of the items I used.....

We transferred our Butterfly bushes to the back patio
and transplanted them into bigger pots which they are loving...
and....I purchased faux outdoor florals for our front urns...
no water required and the heat will not be a factor..
I really am loving these!

The Basil is thriving...just beautiful

Here are some of the beautiful colors of the Four O' Clocks...

These add a lovely touch to the garden

Aren't you ready for seasonal recipes to make...
all those yummy soups and stews......
time to bring out your fall cookbooks guys and dolls!


This is very much like a vintage southern recipe
we made for years....mother made this frequently..a true favorite!

This pie is simply divine!

Miss Elizabeth created two masterpiece Pizzas the other night..
one being a duplicate of the one they dined on in the Bahama's
a few weeks ago...peaches, goat cheese and basil with a drizzle of honey....

Her pizza dough was also homemade..great job Liz!

Rolo Pretzel Bites
Preheat oven to 250 degrees.
Place a Rolo candy on top of a pretzel bite.
Bake on a cookie sheet for 5 more.
Place a tiny chunk of granny smith apple on top of the warm, melted Rolo candy!


  1. I haven't even started thinking of Fall yet. But, I love Fall and will welcome it with open arms. Love your ideas, maybe that will put me in a Fallish mood.

  2. I love your new header! Gorgeous!

  3. So many wonderful Fall things on here today. It's my favorite season, and I am anxiously waiting for it. It's always nice to read Autumn magazines and get creative ideas. That lemon meringue pie looks Yummy. Haven't had that in awhile. I like that little Walmart decor also. I was going to decorate the first of September, but you have me wanting to get my Fall box out and start now. What a lovely post this is.



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