January 17, 2022


I would like to thank each of you sincerely,
for your kindness and encouragement
for Estelle's....it came as quite a surprise
and warmed my heart....
I am grateful for your friendship and
lovely words....You are such a gift to my life......

Hello Sweet Friends....I'm so glad you dropped by
for a short visit today!
You know Texas weather is never, ever boring....
we can enjoy a sunny January day by the pool with temps in the low 70's
and the very  next day, embrace a blustery day with elements 
that resemble snowflakes....it can be quite enchanting actually...

Sunday morning snow in Atlanta

I have put on a few touches of a winter casual vibe
in our kitchen, and I think pretty things do help to
brighten the mood of cold January days!

I found this sweet little sugar and creamer on Amazon
and absolutely fell in love with them......
this pattern also has a few other pieces
that I may pick up at a later date!

I sure find it wonderful to use seasonal florals
year after year....and a touch of red berries in amongst
frosted branches is just lovely!

This candle is Flannel, from the Bath and Body Works....
Notes of crisp Autumn air, Bergamot,
Heirloom Mahogany and Soft Musk

How sweet is the Toile creamer...just love
the old-fashioned scene of winter......

The Winter season gives us time to rest and reflect
within our homes, planning meals and intimate gatherings
for those we love....it can add so much happiness to our lives!
These are two winning comfort food recipes I have made
the past few weeks that I highly recommend!

The creamiest, richest Rice Pudding ever......

A decadent loaf of fresh Cranberry Orange Bread with Orange drizzle......

I probably snap a photo of Mae Mobley 4 or 5 times a day....
I mean she can just be napping or bathing or playing and 
she is just so darn loveable!!!!!

In other news......

Miss Elizabeth took this photo out on her ranch
which is right before she put the horses in the barn
for the night....her rancher neighbor needed a spot
for some of his cattle, so they have proved to be friendly company
for the horses....a cold January day......

The time has finally come for our grandson Noah,

to relocate out to Montana to begin his college career....
they flew out a few days earlier so that they
could enjoy a family ski trip....
he has a football scholarship to the University of Montana.....
go Bobcats!
Due to Covid, this new class of Freshmen will
begin the Spring Semester, rather than the normal Fall....
I think like everyone,,,,we are all quite weary of Covid....

The view from their beautiful Air B and B.....

After a day of skiing....time for grilling out in the snow.......

I hope 2022 is a year for all of us to
Relax, Restore and Refresh.....
It is our time to be grateful for each day, find the beauty in nature
and realize the importance of being on good terms with all people.


  1. Oh, Betsy! What a beautiful post! I love your little creamer set. How cute! Every once in a while I am smitten with something and just HAVE to have it.
    Congrats to Noah. I know you must be incredibly proud of him.
    My son is crazy about orange/cranbery bread. I will try this recipe next time!
    I look forward to all your posts and congrats on all the many years of blogging. xo Diana

  2. Good morning! Than you for my lovely visit here this morning!
    I take lots of pictures of our Tabitha and Samantha, too. Your Mae Mobely is such an elegant feline lady!
    We are off to Dallas again for another two days. Amber andMike have enjoyed every single minute of their getaway!

  3. The cake looks so tasty.

  4. oh Yay!!! TWO tiny videos!
    and that cranberry orange delight... oh my. two of my favorite flavors.
    and Miss Mae must be the SOFTEST kitty! she just LOOKS like she is!
    another great and inspiring post. XOXO

  5. I agree lets celebrate this wintery season, I have some wintery berry bushes with frost sprinkled upon them also, and I added a few little sock snowmen. The bread looks amazing, will save the recipe. And I can see why you had to have that darling sugar and creamer set! And the sweet kitty is always a joy to see! Hugs, Roxy Blog On... We love you! xoxo

  6. Congrats to Noah on his football scholarship. I hope that he loves Montana.

    You always share the best things...the darling creamer and sugar and the recipes...oh my!

  7. Everything is so pretty, as always.

    And I just love the corner of your kitchen, with the interesting shaped window, where you put different things out, for different seasons. Just a precious spot....



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