January 10, 2022


Hello Kindred Spirits...welcome back to Estelle's.
This will be my 12th year of blogging....that's a pretty long time...
I told the darling toward the end of 2021, that I thought I would
probably close down my blog...the inspiration had left me...
If I didn't feel creative, then I had nothing to share.....
his reply was, "I think you should keep at it...."
Perhaps the pursuit of happiness is one of the defining motivations
in our lives...We are drawn to a range of attitudes and activities
that are designed for comfort and happiness in security and simplicity.
A life well lived is making connections with friends and family,
showing care and concern for others and taking pride in where we live.
I believe in this...you must put effort into your life if you want to
reap the rewards....if you put little effort into your life, there's not much
to look back on...each day is our gift.....let's don't miss the ride......

Estelle's is about a lifestyle...celebrating the seasons.
We strive to stay relevant in our retirement
and enjoy life as best we can.....
We adopted a hygge way of approaching food and entertainment,
the holidays and seasonal activities, in the spirit
of family...we're glad you're here!
This is a snapshot of Estelle's in 2021 and what was accomplished each season!

Celebrating Spring

We created  floral arrangements for Easter

Celebrating Summer

Lunches on the Patio

Planting seeds in the flower pots around the pool

There is joy to be had when growing something beautiful
from seeds.....

Capturing the glorious blooms from the Vitex tree
on a warm summer afternoon

Making sure that sweet summer fruits are on the table
for a light afternoon snack...can't you just taste those
dark, sweet cherries!!!

Turning summer's sweet strawberries into the
darling's favorite pie!

We made homemade peach ice cream for the first time

I learned to make my very first Dutch Baby

I also perfected the best Coconut Cream Fried Pie we ever tasted!


The bedrooms were transformed by adding new quilts....

Creating warm and welcoming comfort foods.....

Learning to perfect the Midnight Quiche

We made homemade soups....the BEST French Onion Soup....

And, homemade Broccoli Cheese Soup for two....

I hosted a lovely ladies Book Club
and featured the book, Tea with Jane Austin!

Celebrating Autumn

We made dried apple slices for decorations.....

We dressed the FARM HOUSE table for the season.....

We had a ball creating a welcoming Fall from entry.....

We carved a Jack O' Lantern

We scattered fall d├ęcor on the patio
creating a lovely seasonal vibe....

We made the fall afternoons outdoors special.....

We added small touches of the season to bring coziness to the soul....

We added a darling fall leaf banner to the mantel....

We dressed the piano in Autumn splendor....

We created a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner together as a family....

We created another beautifully decorated Christmas tree.....

So, that's what Estelle's is about...
a small blog that strives to bring you something interesting
to bring into your home as we share and connect .....
embracing the simplicity and pleasures of everyday living!


  1. I hope you continue your blog. I regularly look for it and it is always delightful. I save many of your recipes and have made several of them. They are always delicious. I look forward to many more of your blogs. Snincerly.

  2. Hello Betsy,

    I just want to say that I hope you don't close your blog. I feel you have a lot of creativity. You post your beautiful decorating ideas and your food recipes which are always beautifully photographed by the way. Plus I think we all like to see and hear about how others live, so even your day to day activities are interesting.

    Best Wishes for this new Year.
    Mia Malick

  3. Listen to your Husband, You are a great Blogger with inspiring post! And a southern woman's heart of gold! I love your Blog!!
    Hugs, Roxy

  4. It's always such a pleasure to visit with you here! I look forward to your every post and wish you many more years of sharing your heart here with us.

  5. I don't always leave a comment . . . but please keep blogging. If you stop for a while . . . set a date to come back. You would be greatly missed.

  6. Please continue with your blog. I enjoy hearing and reading everything you post. LOVE it.Your husband is correct in telling you to keep at it. We all would miss you so much.

  7. I would miss you so much if you stopped blogging, but I understand how time consuming it must be. Yours is my absolute favorite blog. You always inspire me to try new recipes and go that extra mile for my family. You make everything look warm, cozy and beautiful. Follow your heart.

  8. Thank you Estelle fot this warm and lovely blog as you.From thousand and thousand kilometer you bring us together as if we are at your home.I hope you finally dont give up.

  9. I love your blog and never miss a single post!!! You always just make me feel good about life. That's quite an accomplishment in the times we're living through. So let me just take this opportunity to say thank you so very much. I want you to do what you want to do and what makes you happy whether it is continuing here or pursuing other things. No wait...I lied! I want you to keep creating and posting and making the world a happier place! ��

  10. Hi, Betsy,
    Thank you for hanging in there and continuing your blog. It is always an enjoyable read!

  11. Good morning, Betsy! I made your Broccoli Cheese Soup for two last night and it was delicious. My husband and I both enjoyed it and will be making it often. So easy, yet so delish! Please continue your blog. I look forward to it and I am always watching for updates on it. Have a Happy New Year and stay safe and well. Much love!
    Alice P. Monroe

  12. hello dear Betsy!
    I have read every comment as I always do... and they have said it ALL!
    I can't even remember now how I found you. but I'm So glad I did!
    I am Never disappointed when I come here to visit. it is always a delight.
    even when a recipe might call for more than Diabetes 2 can handle! :D
    I lost my mother and father early in my life. one to heart attack and the other cancer.
    and then I was 34 when I lost my beloved Bob to cancer. life has been light and shadows.
    and the shadows can seem very dark sometimes. there is ALWAYS a need for Beauty.
    it feeds our soul. at least it does mine!
    you are MORE than 'just another blog' to So many of us!
    and so much of how you do things reminds me of my own little Mother. that alone is wonderful!
    Beauty. and Grace. and a Loving Heart.
    old fashioned values perhaps in this current age of people airing their dirty linens in public...
    but as long as there are BETSY's in this ongoing pandemic and seemingly hate filled world...
    we have HOPE! and I haven't even mentioned your Exquisite Tiny Videos!!! oh my!
    so YES! listen to the Darling! he's right! we would all miss you. and I think you would miss it too!
    sending you great love on this wonderful cold January day!
    and thank you for including a picture of the most beautiful kitty in the world! LOL. XOXO

  13. Love your photos and recipes...hope you don't stop!

  14. Your blog is just lovely! I admire how beautiful and creative you are. Please continue writing.

  15. Please don't let Pretty Blog Land, lose the Beauty of your Blog.

    The posts are always delightful.

    You spend time on your Blog Look, which is so infrequent now days. -sigh-

    Everything here, is always a Balm for the Soul.

    Please... Don't leave.... We need you.

    Hugs and Love

  16. Wha?????? R U Kidding me???? NO NO NO...you must not GO!!! I, as obviously many others, come here to escape. To forget the world right now. To smile. To remember. To be a part of your sweet life. To banish our problems if just for a small moment. To have you as a friend!
    I haven't had alot of time recently to read blogs but yours is always the first one I come to ... so I can take a deep breath and see that there is still beauty in this world. I would be so sad if you didn't continue to give us such moments.
    You remind me of my sweet aunt, my mom's sister, who would always envelope me in her arms with warmth and smiles and she would say to me...Let's just take a moment to feel what's in our heart and tell it to each other. And then lets just shout about it. And we would!!!!! As loud as we could and we'd laugh and laugh and I always felt complete when I left her. Kinda like I feel after reading your posts!!!!
    Love ya girlfriend!!!


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