January 26, 2022



Welcome to Estelle's morning news....
Old Man Winter has arrived and we are doing our best
to make it cozy...
you can count on a hot breakfast, 

after waking the house up about 5:30 AM

I have always been a morning person.....how about you?
I think I must have inherited that from my Daddy
as he was always happy in the morning and would
often come into our rooms singing....."wake up you sleepy head...."

It's that time of year for cute little hats and scarves....
I ordered this lovely deep green beanie back in November....

Y'all....I have jumped on the bandwagon finally
and decided to order an essential oil diffuser.....

I think I absolutely love it!
I placed ours in the foyer for now and our home
is filled with this subtle, yet wonderful aroma,
the vaporizer is also supposed to improve air quality, lift your mood
and relieve stress..how lovely is this during the winter doldrums!!!

We enjoyed a lovely weekend visit from our youngest
who had a few days of rest and relaxation....
he was able to connect with long time friends in Dallas,
and watch the Cowboy game with us on Sunday afternoon...
we all had high hopes for the Cowboys to win a playoff game,
but alas, it was not meant to be.....a rather big disappointment!

We also have a new family member.......

Meet Otis!
We are so happy that these two have found each other.....
We will be meeting Otis in March as we are
finally getting to travel and use our saved tickets
from the cancelled trip back in 2020 when
the pandemic started and we had to cancel our trips
to both California and Atlanta!

Anytime an idea pops into my head, I'm grateful!
The Divine MISS M and Luke the Duke are coming
for a visit next month, and I'm busy planning menus
and decorating to entertain them!
We are beyond exited for their visit!
The wheels are in motion for creating
the last of Winter tablescape....stay tuned!
It feels like Christmas....we can all be together
except for the California kid. and one grandchild.....
I'm hosting a family dinner of Lasagna
a fresh Honeycrisp salad and Italian bread...

I'm also creating a cozy coffee corner for her.....
It's my practice to incorporate family heirlooms
in my vignettes, and I added my Mother-in-Law's
pair of these darling brass deer.....I have always loved these....

Do you enjoy creating a little cozy corner
for coffee..it can actually be rather fun
to choose a theme reflecting the season.
I love using pine cones in both fall and winter....
the house I grew up in was surrounded by
tall, majestic pine trees...they will always remind me of HOME!.

The robins will let you know, when winter weather is about
to move in........

I baked the best homemade Blueberry Pie on this winter afternoon.....

Everyone is happy when eating pie......

TCM has three series of Podcasts called, The Plot Thickens...
Lucy is the third in this series and it is absolutely marvelous!
Do yourself a favor and enjoy these episodes which
are narrated by Ben Mankiewicz, telling the entire
history of Lucy, Desi Arnez and Desilu productions!
You can download the Podcast to your I Phone or also
listen to the series on You Tube!

The Divine Miss M and Luke the Duke
went to see the new Spider Man movie on his day off school....
she's the best Mom ever!

We have been doing alot of this lately.......
and, I think it's a lovely way to spend a winter afternoon.....
What are y'all up to?


  1. I have been busy catching up with friends, reading, cooking. I recently made a Chicken Pot Pie and used cresent rolls on top rather than pie crust, and Oh we loved it! That is my new go to topping for pot pie!

    Have fun with the family!

  2. What a great post. I am excited for your company coming and also already love Otis. I say that as my Scruffy is here smashed up agains my side on the sofa and dreaming of chasing something as he is yipping in his sleep and his legs are twitching.
    That pie looks incredible and now I want a piece of pie! xo Diana

  3. Hello friends!

    Speaking of Old Man Winter, it's cold here in Cincinnati,today! It was 7 degrees this morning and today's high is 21 degrees.

    I've been cooking and baking a lot. Winter makes me want to have hot food ready all day! Ha!

    Our city is buzzing with excitement over our Bengals!!! Who Dey!!

    I love the brass deer in this post and the pine cone sign. I absolutely love pine cones. I use them in fall and winter, too.

    Blessings friends!

  4. oh wow! so much to take in! Otis! a new little love. he already has made me laugh.
    and wonderful pictures of Miss Mae. I'm doing a lot of that too on these bitterly cold days!
    and Luke. he has just grown by leaps and bounds! and your two darlings look just like YOU.
    you're the epitome of a wonderful family. thank you for your 'Feel Good' posts! XO

  5. As always, your photos of food you have made, are so delicious looking.

    Did your son bring his new dog with him? I kind of doubt it. Miss Mae Mobley would not really like to share her domain with a 'big' doggie. :-)

    Love those brass deer, which were your m-i-law's. What a treasure!

    An essential oil diffuser...... Hmmmmm.... Have seen them in Pretty Blog Land.... Might be time for me to really look into them.... :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    💗 💗 💗

  6. I'm so happy for you and your daughter and grandson coming to visit!
    I love my oil diffuser! It's in our bedroom and I think it actually helps us sleep better.
    I'm enjoying being home and am slowly taking Christmas down. No expected company so I am taking my time.
    Wish this cold weather could have been in December....beccause THIS is Christmas kind of temps!

  7. Be careful with essential oils around Mae Mobley. They are toxic to cats.

  8. I have read that Terri and I thank you! This is actually a gift for a family member! So appreciate this alert!

  9. What a fun cozy post! It made me feel as if I just enjoyed a delightful hour at a friends house.

    I just got a diffuser last week as well. It's not as pretty as yours but I'm really liking it.



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