December 7, 2021


 Hello in the world are y'all doing today?
Are your gifts bought and wrapped?
Is you tree decorated in all your beautiful ornaments?
Is the house lined in Christmas lights?
Have you planned your Christmas Eve appetizers?
Whew!!!! It can be a bit overwhelming and exhausting right?
Well, darling....just breathe and relax....
the important thing to remember is simply to ENJOY
your home, your loved ones and the season of Christmas!
Be kind to yourself and find joy in the little things....that's my motto!

Now, this gorgeous Poinsettia, was a gift from a neighbor...
I had no idea who she was when she walked up our driveway
one night and gifted me this plant...I really thought she had mistaken
me for someone else, but it turns out, her son sold them
for his baseball team and her mother had bought several, so
she decided to give a few away to kind is that?

The supply chain shortage has effected so many retailers and it's been
hard to find so many things....I mentioned to Miss M that there were no
additions to the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas dinnerware which
I have collected in years past...however, she did come across
one new design at's just beautiful isn't it?

I believe I am finished decorating.....
other than setting the formal dining table....
here are a few pretty pieces in our kitchen.....

Love this Snowman cookie jar...he is too darling.....

Who doesn't love Santa's elves?

I simply adore my Debbie Mumm plates....
found these on Ebay a few years ago......
So now that we have these cute little plates on the table...
how about a delicious breakfast idea for Christmas morning?
Barefoot Contessa's Apple Cinnamon Dutch Baby!

One sliced granny smith apple, sautéed with butter,
sugar and cinnamon.....

Dust with powdered sugar and warm Maple Syrup.....

You can find Ina's recipe here.......

The flannel sheets are on the beds and the
Christmas quilts have dressed all the guest rooms...

All ready for the children who will be coming home
for the holidays....

The tree is done and I hope it looks festive.....
I did something different this year and added
white feather boa's.....I'm loving it!!!!

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas season......


  1. I love seeing what everyone is doing to celebrate Christmas! I know you’re enjoying it, and so am I!

  2. oh Betsy.
    another exquisite tiny video. the only word that comes to mind... Enchanting.
    it was like finding a tree in a forest at midnight! like being tiny and seeing it from within!
    the hint of snow in the feather boa and the blue and white lights... and the snowy owl! OH MY!
    uh oh... but more shameless gushing to come... sorry. but I so enjoyed this post!
    the quilts on the beds! and the heavenly scent of apples with cinnamon and sugar in the dutch baby!
    I think you are ready Betsy! LOL! XOXO you place true meaning on the wonderful words Home Maker!

  3. Oh my...everything is just lovely! I love Dutch Babies...will have to try your recipe!

  4. OK...I'm afraid I'm going to have to borrow your idea of the feather boas on tree....that is absolutely SO cute!!!!! and could you give a source for that quilt with all the lil houses on it?? I looked everywhere this year to find xmas quilts for my grandbabies beds but just couldn't find anything cute enough. Till now!!! Those would be so perfect in their rooms!! You are just giving me so many ideas tonight!!! thanks!

    1. Hi Janey....the Christmas quilts came from Amazon last year. I just love the Holiday Village too! I have recently ordered many beautiful quilts through Amazon!

  5. Janey, the name of this quilt is Holiday Village and I think it may be available other places if you google this name!

  6. thanky ma'am!!! going to look right now!


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