December 3, 2021


Well...hello glad to see you here!
Thank you for stopping by Estelle's today!
Are the fall decorations nicely packed away?
Are you in  full blown decorating for Christmas mode?
I think we can all agree that often the planning, shopping
cleaning and decorating falls to the Mom's, while the Dad's
are a bit more relaxed about the home décor but
manage to take care of the outside!

 I see the Instagram influencers and You Tubers
have been showcasing their perfectly decorated
homes since before Thanksgiving!
It does provide some pretty great inspiration doesn't it?

This year, I am scaling way back on Christmas decorating...
last year, I brought out SO much since our Atlanta family
was visiting and it was most likely the last year
Luke the Duke would be a child at heart....
we are so much older and it's pretty hard to
go up and down the stairs carrying bins and decorations
down from the attic.....that's what happens to us,
but nonetheless....we take joy in the process
of transforming our home for the holiday season!

I have just begun placing snippets of Christmas around here and there,
so I thought it would be fun to share a few beautiful decorations....
I purchased these beautiful glittery Christmas cards at Walmart!

The Santa mugs are on display at the kitchen workstation.....

This is probably my favorite Hot Cocoa tin I purchased
a few years ago......

I love Christmas mugs, don't you?
This one features the artwork of Susan Winget.....

The Kitchen Aid is dressed and waiting to assist
in baking some holiday treats!

Love these McKenzie Childs napkins.......
by the way, have you noticed the prices of
paper napkins lately......???? Wowza!!!

Current morning coffee mug....

Now, THIS I canvas artwork
for the mantel.....

And, this darling felt garland....too adorable!

Santa's are beginning to appear in various nooks and crannies...

The tree went up today and is soon to be decorated....
the theme this year is WOODLANDS IN THE SNOW!

And, I close this post with a sunset from Atlanta....
even Piper Rose noticed this stunning evening sky....


  1. I am a long time blog follower and finally have an account to post a comment about how your blog posts are like a warm, fuzzy hug! I am a grandma too as well as a semiretired speech pathologist that you inspire with your writing. Hugs from Waco💚💛🐻!

    1. Welcome Diane! How lovely to meet you and to read such a lovely comment. I am thrilled you took time to visit and that you are finding some inspiration! It's all about sharing and the way, I LOVE WACO and have for many years! Hugs!

  2. what a beautifully cozy post! every image touches my heart.
    it's often the smallest things that make the biggest impact.
    and to see Mae Mobley quietly sitting under the tree! like a tiny snowy white furry present.
    and the final picture of the sunset with Piper ... THESE touch the heart for sure!
    have a wonderful weekend Betsy. XO

    1. have been a true gift to me....the kindest and sweetest of all....sending hugs....and, Merry Christmas love!

  3. Oh, Betsy, Mae Mobley is so beautiful. I love your photo with the sunset, flag and Piper Rose. Your posts ARE like a warm, fuzzy hug. Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Ellen! Thank you for visiting me today and leaving such kind I love your visits! I do hope you are enjoying the season thus far....Merry Christmas to you and those you love!


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