November 19, 2021



It's been a lovely fall season....
the weather has turned much cooler, near freezing temps
at night...beautiful sleeping weather.
Soon, the pumpkins will make way
for Christmas d├ęcor.the trees will have shed
their autumn colors and bare their branches for the long winter....

I love the crunch of leaves...I mean LOVE IT!

It's been sheer joy watching the wind blow the leaves
around and swirl them in the air.....

Around 4 PM the sun begins to set and the
sky turns all golden.....

We are smoking our turkey this year which we used to do
when living in Dothan.
We found all the products we needed, along with the
Hickory Traeger pellets at an Ace Hardware in Colleyville....
I had forgotten how neat it is to browse around this
hardware store!
We have fried our turkey's for many years so this will be
a fun change for the boys......

The darling is taking lessons from Son #2, who prepared a gorgeous
smoked thanksgiving turkey last year....
Spatchcocking the turkey helps it cook evenly and makes
for a very pretty presentation!
So the menu is written, the groceries have been bought
the table has been set and I think we have it covered.....

This is the turkey platter I am using this year....
beautiful isn't it?

Let's hop over to Atlanta.......

Luke the teenager Luke,
is practicing for basketball tryouts in early December...
I spy new very cool shoes.....a must have you know.....

Practice makes perfect I've always said.........

The fall colors around Miss M's house are just stunning......

It appears Piper Rose may have spotted a deer.....

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed
Thanksgiving Day!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving dear Betsy! I always enjoy your posts and particularly your beautiful header pictures each month. I just heard the term “spatchcocking” for the first time earlier this afternoon from my sister. I can’t believe Luke is already a teenager. These grandchildren grow up way too quickly. Enjoy your holiday with your family. I am thankful for many things this year, including your beautiful and inspiring blog posts. Please keep doing what you do!

    1. You are special CONNIE! Thank you for saying this and may you be blessed with a most beautiful Thanksgiving Day! Warm hugs!

  2. Betsy, I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! That turkey looks amazing!

  3. That platter is gorgeous!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of your family!

  4. Luke the Duke is a teenager?!! Oh my!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Betsy!

  5. Betsy, everything looks beautiful, the platter is fabulous and your smoked turkey will look delectable on it. I hope that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! P.S. I love LOVE LOVE walking in the leaves, the sound makes me feel like a kid again

  6. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving. So good to see how much Luke has grown. Time just seems to fly. Love seeing all you pretty pictures. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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