November 26, 2021




Hello Loves....I hope all is right in your world today!
Each year, I need a idea.....some sort of inspiration
as to how I want to transform our home into the Christmas season.
I was not seeing what I wanted in my mind....until.....
I came across this photo from KIRKLAND'S!
This spoke to me....the soft colors of sage, ivory and gray!
Yes please! These will be my colors for the holiday!

Light the candles and turn on some holiday music...then
let the sorting of the bins begin!

This is beautiful.....the inspiration piece for the mantel

I love church very sweet....
this reminds me so much of the Methodist Church
we attended as children which was directly across the street
from Grandmother Grace's house!

Just look at this darling little Santa ornament

Beautiful ribbon for the tree......

And....this lovely illustrated childrens book....

All of the above new Christmas d├ęcor items are from Walmart!

I was also reminded that the Divine Miss M uses this same color palette
in her Atlanta home....I knew I loved these colors together!

The great thing about these colors is that they will carry us through Winter...
a few more months of enjoyment before they are packed away
makes the season a bit brighter!


  1. Lovely header!

    That is a very pretty palate! It really will work all through winter.

  2. I love how you decorate! My Amber does the same thing - changing her palette from year to year....

  3. that color palette is perfect. and it gains warmth from the wood in your home.
    I love the new header. the tiny sleeping kitten! it's all so beautiful. xo


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