September 16, 2021


It's all about the PUMPKINS when decorating for Fall...
We are beginning to see and feel the changes in the air....
If you look closely, you can actually catch the leaves
beginning to drift down and realize the days are getting cooler.....

Even the coffee station is transformed to a festive
vibe for the season with beautiful mugs, napkins
and special touches for a bit of whimsy! 

I fell in love with this woodland pine forest set
showcasing these beautiful scenes.......celebrating the beauty of nature!

These beautiful paper napkins showcase a tumble of pumpkins,
feathers and fall leaves that evoke the vibrant
colors that herald the Autumn season.

A tiny tin candle with the aroma of sweet pumpkin
tinged with the aroma of fall fruit and a hint of woodsmoke.

And, when the coffee corner is all dressed for the season,
I love adding something special to accompany that
cup of's an idea you may want to try!

When is the last time you made one of the Pillsbury Quick Breads?

And, oh yes.....I came across this seasonal blend of
Pumpkin Spice cream cheese......oh honey, honey!!!!

My goodness, this smelled sooooo good while baking in the oven.......

What a lovely afternoon delight......

For all of you who really don't like baking.....
this may be just what you were looking for...
serve this bread up on a beautiful fall platter
and your family will be quite impressed.....

Makes the tummy happy........


  1. New Background here. Ohhhhh yes, I really notice all the aspects of people's "Blog Looks." -smile-

    I like to make my Backgrounds, but have been having trouble finding soft images, for doing so. I am *envious* of this one, and your last one. Would they be fabric swatches, perhaps?

    Have not made a Quick Bread in toooo long! This post is an inspiration. Thank you.

    And of course, all your seasonal decor is so delightful!

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Thank you so much....I simply choose small print patterns for my backgrounds and soften then sometimes with my photo editor.

    2. Thank you, my Dear...


  2. A lovely gathering of fall goodies!! Beautiful!
    Can you share the name of the woodland dishes? They are just beautiful and I would like to get a set for my table. Thank you

    1. Hi Terri...these plates and mugs are from Amazon,,,,they are from Certified International and are called Pine Forest!

  3. Love this dishes. May I ask where you found them?

    1. Thank you! These plates and mugs were purchased from Amazon.....Certified International,, Pine Forest pattern!

  4. Hi Betsy,

    Your coffee station looks perfectly fallish; I LOVE those new dishes!! The soft fall colors and the glaze are gorgeous. Your quick bread looks so good; I'm ready to do some baking here. We already have some red leaves here and there around town -- so exciting! :) Hope you have a great weekend, my friend.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. I love everything you feature just about!!! I was able to order the darling plates but no luck with the mugs….they weren’tt available any longer perhaps. Did you find them somewhere else perhaps? Mary in Colorado

    1. Hi Mary....I know some department stores carry this pattern...Kohls, Macy's, Home Depot.....or you can Google Certified International and see other places that have these in stock!

  6. I always love seeing your pretty photos of autumn in your home!

  7. I can only imagine how delicious your home must smell! Fall scents are my favorites.
    not too sweet... a little spicy always... and even sometimes as crisp as a bright red apple!
    and you have the most beautiful kitty in the world! thank you for your beautiful blog dear heart! xo

  8. Hi Betsy,
    Love all your fall touches and ideas. I am in LOVE with those dishes. Where did you find them? I am a huge fan of the Pillsbury Quick Breads. They are so delish! My favorite is the Cranberry Orange which I had a really hard time finding in my area last year. I will have to try the Date Nut bread as I haven't yet. Looks so good. Have a great weekend!

    1. HI Lynda....the dishes are from Amazon....Certified International......pattern is Pine Forest

  9. Even though I don't speak English, I love reading blog posts. Greetings from Turkey🥰

  10. I love this time of the year and can't wait to start baking my breads and goodies for the season.

  11. I love those quick breads. I always doctor them up a bit but they are SOOOO good! You are way ahead of me with Fall this year. I am so far behind. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  12. YUM!!! I was just looking up breakfast recipes for galpal trip to FL next week for 10 glorious days!!!
    This date bread will be perfect for a morning treat. Do you think it would be good with blueberries added or too sweet???? and the cream cheese....yes ma'am!!! You always find the neatest stuff for us!!!!

    1. I would try adding blueberries, no doubt delicious!


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