September 12, 2021


We made it!
We all got through those hot summer days and we have
now turned the page to begin the fall season...OH HAPPY DAYS!


The fall catalogs are beginning to arrive and it does
make my heart sing.....

Here is the very first DIY of the season....let's dry some
apples slices dusted with cinnamon!

This is a great way to use apples that are a bit too old to eat
or use for baking......
I love doing this for the holiday season!

Slice the apples thinly, dust with cinnamon
and bake    at 225 degrees for two and one-half hours!
Your kitchen will smell amazing!!!!!

This is a truly enjoyable, inexpensive way to transform
your home into the fall season...hope you give this DIY a try!

School in Atlanta was back in session
as of August 9th....the beginning of 7th grade!
It has become tradition to end the season
with a camping weekend and what fun they have on
these little excursions!
Gotta love camping....HUMID and HOT as blazes...
Almost finished setting up the campsite,
when the thunderstorm hit...torrential downpour
along with lightening...
thank goodness the YURT was cozy with the
AC running.....and cocktails help too!

The campfire is always the best part of camping trip!

This is the back deck to the about
this campsite?

Getting back to nature.....

A very humid  hike, but the waterfall
is well worth the struggle!


  1. A camping trip to remember! PArt of the tradition of going back to school. If all wnent perfectly - where is the adventure? Love the way you and your family celebrate the seasons.
    I shall be making some of these apple slices! I buy apples and then we don't get around to eating them all. Perfect recycle solution!
    Happy Fall to you, my dear!

  2. OHHHHHHH, baked apple slices with cinnamon! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for the idea!!!

    Fun photos of a camping trip, to end the summer. But I'd love to really see the yurt! Please... Show us some pics of that... -smile-

    Love that waterfall by the way.

    And always love photos of your beautiful Dear Kittie.

    Happy Autumn wishes and gentle hugs...

  3. Fun tradition! I can't believe Luke is going into 7th grade! Wow!

    Thanks for the idea on the apples!

  4. Dear Betsy, may I please link to this post, and 'borrow' a picture of the baked apple slices with cinnamon, to go with it..? To share your great Autumn idea, with my Dear Readers? Please and thank you.

    And btw, my pretty 2022 calendar is on the way, to me! So glad I asked you about yours. -smile-


    1. of course you's all about sharing...enjoy!

    2. Thank you!


  5. Hi Betsy,

    I'm excited about fall, too! Unfortunately, it's still 86 degrees here at the moment, but I hope things will cool down before much longer. What a fun camping trip to celebrate the end of summer. An air-conditioned space to get out of the rain and sleep in is my kind of camping. ;) Thank you so much for sharing your DIY for drying apples. This is a great idea, and I'm pinning it before I leave your site. Bring on the Fall!!

    Have a good week, Betsy.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. And here is the link, to my post, about this post of yours...

    Sorry about no click-able link. I seem to have forgotten the *magic way* to leave click-able links. -sigh-

    Again, thank you.


  7. The apples are so easy, and they look so fancy and just like fall! Your header is stunning!!

  8. I love on Georgia. I’d love to know where they found the yurt camping. It looks really nice.

  9. I barely recognized Luke! he's getting so tall! and such a handsome boy there by the waterfall.
    and the picture of Miss Mae on the beautiful soft tartan... so cozy and asleep... she is Fall itself!
    our days are still blindingly Hot. but surely it can't last forever.
    your blog gives me hope! XOXO


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