September 20, 2021


It's no secret that I love the Fall season....
Now, I realize that here in the great state of Texas,
our temperatures don't cool off until well into October,
but it does not stop me from dreaming about that
that first cool day when you can actually feel
colder weather rolling in.......
it's when we prioritize coziness and comfort.
I begin to add fall flourishes here and there
to see how it works or it doesn't...add to...take away...
then, I decide, yes...I think I love it!

I search through all the bins to see what dΓ©cor I want to use
and try it in different areas of our home...
yesterday, I actually made a little vignette on top of the refrigerator.
I mean why not?

I then decided to drape this wooden sign in a stem of fall leaves..
which I feel added more interest.....I love it!

Finishing touches were completed by adding one of my favorite pumpkins
and a bouquet of  rust colored florals!

A tiny little shelf-sitter scarecrow adorns
this cake enhance the look of a giant
lemon scented cake candle!

Love this Mud Pie appetizer plate...looks like this
needs some home baked cookies added.....

What a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon,
than baking chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen.....

What a delightful aroma of warm cookies in the home.....

A velvet pumpkin and a matching little wooden sign
are displayed on my grandparents antique little table......
reminding us of the glorious colors of the season.

I added two little burlap pumpkins to the foyer table.......

Along with a new glorious wooden pumpkin.....

And, these beautiful gilded acorns have been added to
the fall vignette under the foyer table...
I am really enjoying how this turned out!

I also changed a few things on the piano....
and I like this much better...a tad more elegant.....

There is something so lovely about velvet pumpkins.....

There are three things I keep in mind when I add to my
pumpkin collection....color, texture and shape!

And, I always add a banner to the mantel for the seasons....
this year I purchased this beautiful fall leaf banner from Kirkland's
it's so well made and I just love the colors!

Warming up your home with seasonal color can be a real
mood we can sit back, relax and simply
wait for Mother Nature to begin turning the leaves for Fall!


  1. Your fall touches are sumptuous. Each arrangement looks so lovely. I've made a pretty seasonal vignette on top of my refrigerator from time to time, too. I think I'll do that today now that I see how pretty yours looks.

    1. Oh how fun....glad you found some inspiration today...have a lovely week!

  2. Oh I would love to visit your home!

    In Autumn!

    In any season!

    In all seasons!

    -happy sigh-

    I am so far behind, and must begin to get out some seasonal decorations!

    So far behind!

    But you would inspire anyone!

    Happy Autumn!

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! Let’s go enjoy the season!πŸ’—

  3. You have such a gift for making everything so cozy and beautiful. I especially love your piano! Since our daughter is a voice professor, we had our piano shipped to her home. I couldn't really play, but I loved decorating it!

    1. Well thank you very much kind of you. I so enjoy your visit....shipping a piano must be quite a challenge. I love our piano, which was a gift from my's a real antique treasure! Hope you have a wonderful week!


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