August 2, 2021


Good Morning Kindred Spirits.....

Yes, Estelle's is back a bit earlier than planned...
there is so much to talk about and plan for
for the upcoming fall season and I simply
cannot wait to get stated....LET'S GO!!!

Before the pumpkins come out from their bins,
I was ready to bring out some items for a transitional look
of a few fall touches for the month of August...
I guess you could say we are in the "planning stages!"
Time to rummage through the drawers and cupboards
and pull out things I haven't used in a while........

The kitchen farmhouse table
was transformed into a new look for the month....
Following the first of decorating rules....
try to use things in three's.........
this simple little tablescape was really such fun to create....

Two table runners from the Target dollar spot which
I purchased a few years ago...
a creamy white canister from years ago....
a bean pot I saved filled with beans and a used candle,
and a floral arrangement I keep on the upper cabinets.....
I remember buying this canister years and years ago
from a craft mall I used to shop at!

Creamy plates, with linen napkins and rustic napkin rings....
a setting for two....

I think they blend well together...
and I love the look....
now to plan for a new look and vibe for Autumn.....
I think I'll pull together some new recipes
to try for September....
This is what I love to do.....
I hope you all had a lovely summer.....
we sure did...
and now it's time for a new school year
and getting our groove back..I plan to enjoy every minute!
It's so good to be back....we have so much to share!

Here is a photo of Miss Judy, my sister
visiting us at our beach house......
August 1st was her birthday....
we gossip, we laugh, we share memories....
she is very patient when I am always telling her what to do!


  1. What fun to spend time with your sister! Sure looks like fun! And Fall decorating is the prettiest of all year. I like to start when school starts!

    1. Hi Lavender Dreamer...hope you are well and was a marvelous time and everyone sure had a great had been a few years and we were so thankful to be together! Hope you enjoying summer as we wind down and look forward to the best season of all...take good care!

  2. Great to have you back early even if you are pushing autumn early. ☺️ (We have perfect autumn temps already, which makes the grands annoyed as they want to use their pool and it is only 67.° A bit on the chilly side.) Judy is cute. I hope that her birthday was a blessed and happy one. So good that your time away was pleasant.

    1. Aw, thank you Vee. I am most certain Judy will be thrilled with your compliment...she turned 74 and I think she looks marvelous! She is the sweet one! Hope you have enjoyed a lovely Summer! Hugs from me to you!

  3. Lovely post and what an adorable photo of you and your sister. Good times :)

    1. Hi Connie....a little break was a good thing! I need to feel inspired to keep things worth sharing and interesting....I so hope you have enjoyed a lovely summer of good health, delicious food and happy times! We are going to have a wonderful fall season..hope you join me!

  4. Happy to see you back and in full mode. Glad you had a nice summer filled with family and memories. Here in Ottawa Canada the summer has been much like last summer. Still not into phase 3 with still a lot not opening up here in Ont. Other provinces have other rules but I am Ok with that.we have made the best of all that we could do. Looking forward to your vacation pics and fall settings

    1. Good morning Nanny4! How lovely to have friend from Canada visit and comment! I know you all must be ready for life to return to normal. Here in Texas, our weather has been pleasantly mild for August. I have some fun things planned for the new season so I hope you will visit often. Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

  5. Hi Betsy,

    It's great to see you back here early!! I was just thinking about you the other day. :) It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the beach, and what a great picture of you and your Sis. Happy Belated Birthday to her. I enjoyed seeing your fall table -- I'm ready to start thinking about fall myself. Last week was just too hot here; I don't like to rush the seasons, but I do love fall. I hope you have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Hi Denise! Texas has gone from very hot to rather mild recently! I have enjoyed following your home updates and cannot wait to see more! I know you must have so many ideas for fall and I hope you share with us! If y'all ever come to Texas, you must plan a trip to Dallas and come for dinner! Stay well and happy...sending hugs!

  6. welcome back Betsy!
    love the picture of You and your sister Miss Judy!
    looking forward to all your wonderful ideas and inspiration for FALL! xo

    1. Hi Miss Tammy...It's great to be back in the saddle, so to speak! I have missed the blogging world! I hope to bring you great recipes and home d├ęcor that will be fun to see and read about...hope things are happy and bright in your world...warm hugs!

  7. I'm so glad you're back! Looking forward to Fall and all your great ideas and recipes. I love your little bean pot!

    1. Good Morning Ellen...I missed you too! I plan to have fun things to share for the next few months so that we can talk and maybe try some new ideas...not to mention fabulous foods! I so hope you had a great summer and are well and happy...warm hugs!

  8. crazy girl!...did anyone tell you it's only August, which you know will be hot as hadees! and not Sept and Fall yet???!!!!! hahahhahaha! But your colors are awesome and you are making me wish it were here.
    Looks like you and your sis have fun together....cute pic!!

    1. Hi Janey...I know, I is early but I begin transforming into fall every August...I don't want to miss a's actually been mild for the month heat wise here in Texas....not complaining. I hope you have time to begin posting again about all your adventures...miss you!

  9. Hi Betsy! It’s so good to see you’re back early! I’ve really missed your posts. It’s good to see your photo with your sister, and I’m looking forward to seeing other photos of your beach vacation with your family.

    1. Hi Miss Connie...I hope this finds you well and happy....good to be back and hear from my wonderful blogging friends...I hope to bring you some fun posts for the next few months....we must all live each day as best we can, right? Hugs from me to you!

  10. Hello, It is so good to see you back!! This has been, and I feel will continue to be a hard year (or years) in front of me, but I come here and gather smiles!! Fall was always my favorite time of year, but Nov 18th will always make the fall different for me now. I will enjoy all your fall decorating and cooking and family time, collect smiles that will warm my heart, but this year I think I will take in your beautiful fall items and skip doing anything at my house. I am so happy for you and the time your family spent together. I love the stickers you have on your page here at the top right. Where did you find them? Thank you so much for the smiles I collected from you, they are so much needed!!!!!

    1. Dear Nancy....I am so glad you dropped by..I know your life has been forever changed with your loss, but try to live each day with the joy of your children and grandchildren....I am sure the sun will continue to shine you may feel like smiling again....if this little blog brings you a bit of cheer, then it's well worth it....I thibk of your often....stay well..sending you warm hugs!

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