July 1, 2021


Good Morning Kindred Spirits......

Allow me to wish each of you a very Happy and Safe
July 4th...stay cool and celebrate the USA!


For the first time, in the history of Estelle's,
I will be taking off the remaining months of Summer
to recharge my batteries of creativity and enjoy
time with my family........
I want to take this time to restore my heart and soul....
I want to think of decorating ideas for the fall...
I want to think of menus for November and Thanksgiving....
I want to decide what Christmas theme I want to use for December.....

Please enjoy the remaining months of Summer
and come back to visit me beginning in September...
we will share home d├ęcor, delicious recipes and talk about
books, and movies.....
it's going to be fun on a bun! 
Y'all take good care!


  1. Happy Fourth to you and yours, Betsy!!! I hope you have a wonderful beach trip and enjoy your time off. Just please, please come back to your blog. I would miss you if you did not return, my friend!!

    Love and hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Wishing you and yours a Happy Fourth . I hope you and your sweet husband enjoy the summer, with family, friends and each other. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Have a beautiful summer! You will be missed.

  4. Have a delightful summer, Betsy!

  5. Oh, Betsy, you WILL BE MISSED!!! I comment occasionally but please know that I love your blog so much and it always brightens my day...when I get notice in my inbox of a new post, I click fast! Ha! I will look forward to fall and the return of Estelle's. Hope you enjoy all your time away and stay safe and happy...I hope YOU have tons of fun on a bun!!!

  6. have a Wonderful holiday and summertime dearest Betsy!
    if ever anyone deserved a break from blogging... YOU DO! you're Appreciated.
    and we'll be here waiting for you to share all your great ideas and discoveries.
    and my personal favorite... your tiny exquisite videos... which to me are your trademark!
    have a Fun and Safe summer. til September sweet Bean! xoxo

  7. I will miss you, but enjoy the time off. I'll be looking forward to your return. Have a wonderful summer, but I agree with Denise, please come back!

  8. I have missed you! I hope you enjoy your summer break!


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