June 1, 2021


Can you feel the change?
Summertime is definitely the place to be for sweet finds
to make life a bit more fun!

The sixth graders were able to actually perform
their talents in front of all the parents at the
end of year band concert!

The senior class of 2021 danced the night away at the Worthington Hotel......

And, our grandson celebrated graduation from high school....

now it's onto Montana State University on a football scholarship!!!

School is on Summer break for the next few months and the kiddos
can finally relax and unwind...
there are plans to be made for family barbecues,
swimming and splashing in the pool, and planning
an actual vacation this year!

One of my fondest memories of summertime
when we were kids, was to visit my grandparents
and play outside all day long with my cousins...
we loved catching lighting bugs in the evening
and putting them in jars just until we delighted in
their magic...and then set them free......

Friday nights are meant for cocktails on the patio
and burgers on the grill.......and yes....
we do treat Mae to an evening fire even during the summer.......

Who doesn't love fresh berries and ice cream?

We will be enjoying a very special family birthday in July
oceanside....we had to cancel three scheduled trips last year
due to Covid....everyone is looking forward to this one!

So, it's been just fantastic to plan my beach wardrobe...
new flip-flops, cute little dresses, swim coverups and
party accessories.....

I have a lovely collection of hats and just had to add
one more in this beautiful shade of pink.....

I tried the Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad and indeed
it was a hit, so this new set will be ideal for serving
outdoors one of evening down in Florida!

And....the perfect size for a cold beverage while
relaxing and reading down by the gulf...I can hear 
those ocean waves as we speak.......

A new lipstick in the shade "PINK FOR ME"
always boosts my mood.....

And....I love two scents while at the beach...
lemon and coconut....this lemon shampoo is divine!

A new recipe which made my BEST OF THE BEST list.......

I am a huge fan of HOMEWTOWN with
Ben and Erin Napier and just had to make
Ms. Dot's Pound Cake featured on their show
of Revitalizing Mississippi.......

Was raised in Mississippi where summer starts in April, we don't have fireflies, we have lightnin' bugs, rice & beans are veggies, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, & banana puddin' is mandatory, y'all is a proper noun, chicken is always fried, biscuits comes with gravy, sweet tea is the house wine, everything is darlin' &
someone is always getting their heart blessed.

I love planning my menu with easy and delicious
recipes....on my night to serve dinner....
we will have a layered trifle......

Pound cake, with vanilla custard and 
fresh berries....

So light and fresh on a Summer evening....

Yes, darling girl....you will be going too!

What are you planning for this Summer?
It's going to be so much better than 2020...I just know it!


  1. I am so delighted that we are all getting back to normal! I love seeing all your Pioneer Woman items. I love them, too!

    Your beach trip sounds wonderful!

  2. What a wonderful summer lies ahead of you. Not much going on here, but I'm going to do my best to do SOMETHING. Just don't know what yet. All of your desserts look so good!

  3. Wow! You are ready for summer !!!
    Love that photo of your grandson with the football.
    Now, go make some family memories :)

  4. Estelle, you are the best. Always good looking food, fun stuff to talk about. Upbeat and happy. Just the kind of posts I like to read and see such wonderful pictures.

  5. what a treat after treat after treat! in every way!
    first your new Banner above!
    and Luke the Duke growing like a weed and so cute! and your Gorgeous grandson.
    good Lord. you have some Very Good Genes lady!
    and I was glad to see that the wrist corsage is still worn. it's what I wore to my prom!
    another perfect post.
    and to know that the beautiful Queen of all hearts... Miss MAE gets to go too!!! That topped it for me!
    XOXOXO and... I LOVE Hometown with Ben and Erin in Laurel! YES! it's going to be a great summer.

  6. loved this! As a Mississippi girl myself, summer was off to a start this past weekend on a lake where flip flops and a messy bun are considered appropriate attire! So looking forward to getting back to normal!

  7. Hi Betsy,

    Miss Mae looks just like she is posing for the camera! She's just so pretty! :) Oh, that trifle is calling my name; it looks sooo good and I would love to have some. I know yours will be delicious!! I'm so glad to read that you and your family will finally be able to have your trip to the beach, and I love your dress and flip-flops. It already feels like everyone has left town around here. We can't really travel anywhere right now because we don't want to leave Duncan at this time, and we have people working on our house at the moment. We do have a trip planned to Charleston in October, though.

    Thanks so much for your visit today. We are surely kindred spirits -- I do love me some Southern Living cookbooks. :D :D I hope you have a terrific weekend, my friend.

    Love and hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. ok. now i wanna go back to the beach with YOU...I'm sure you make it so special for everyone!!!
    We just returned and it was A-MAZING....just being together with everyone and the laughter from the grandkids playing together???? Undescribable!!!! I cooked ALOT and took in the ice chest because we were there on memorial day weekend and I DID NOT wanna go to the grocery store. And yes....even my PoppyPearl got to go and NO she didn't like the sand when she figured out it wasn't snow!!!
    So excited for you!....the smell of the salt water, the feel of the sand, the laughing and telling stories at sunset on the beach with everyone's fave cocktail!!! Yes!! maybe, just maybe, our world is back!
    Having back issues with loads of pain and having procedure done tomorrow, so hopefully after that I'll be able to get a beach post together!
    (I made that pound cake too after seeing that episode!!! heeheehee!)


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