June 5, 2021


Hello Loves....welcome back to Estelle's!
How is your summer so far?
Now that people are returning to normal life,
little impromptu gatherings are taking place in our homes,
which is a really fun thing to think about!
If you have an event, such as a graduation, birthday or anniversary
coming up, you usually plan for this months in advance!
The food and decorations can be on a grand scale......
but, what happens when family or friends drop by unexpectedly?

I guess you could say I learned from the best referring
to my Mother and Grandmother......a good southern hostess
knows to keep certain items on hand so you can quickly
pull together a casual, yet delightful snack table!

Pretty paper napkins....keep a variety of these in your pantry...
all sorts of styles and seasons.....

Serve your favorite homemade cocktail dip....
everyone loves a hot Spinach Artichoke Dip...
cream cheese, sour cream, artichokes, spinach and lots of cheese......divine!
I always serve mine with the south's favorite cracker...RITZ!

For those with a bit of a heartier appetite, like my boys,
they love deli oven roasted turkey and swiss on party rolls...

I don't always have fresh flowers, but I do have little silk arrangements that
I can pull together at a minute's notice to add color and texture to the table.....

Summer is THE perfect season to take advantage of the fresh
and colorful fruits and veggies....who can resist those succulent
dark red cherries?

Add a lovely serving bowl of fresh citrus, watermelon slices and
sweet strawberries....all perfect for finger foods!

These colorful sweet mini peppers are ideal for pairing with dips...
also good for using with eggs in the morning.....

Choose pretty goblets and add citrus slices then
fill them with sparkling cold water....so very refreshing and so, so pretty!

I hope this provided you a few tips on entertaining
without worrying about the menu and the tablescape..
I'll just bet you will be the hostess that sparkles and shines!


  1. You're so adorable and I would love to be like you. I am the worst at being prepared for unexpected guests. Your table looks just like summer! (I purchased a bag of cherries last week and enjoyed a few every morning with my breakfast. I need more!)

    1. Hi Ms. Vee....so glad you stopped by today! Thank you ever so much for your sweet and kind comments...aren't cherries simply wonderful during Summer? Texas is still having rain, but it's fantastic for green lawns and pretty flowers...hot and dry will come soon enough! Hope you enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  2. I want to drop in on YOU! It’s always lovely at your home! I loaded up yesterday at Aldi and am completely stocked up and prepared for any and everything! Mainly my four 9-year-olds! I’m loving all the summer fruits and will fill a pretty glass pitcher with water and some fresh fruit slices and have it cold in the fridge when they arrive! They love to drink everything form their milk to water to ice tea in my little wine glasses! Enjoy your weekend! Muggy but at least it’s not raining right now and it isn’t a hundred degrees!

    1. Linda....you are always a great hostess to your family and friends....I love casual entertaining just as you do....good finger foods and conversations....hope y'all have a great weekend ahead!

  3. I love this post! We are spontaneous hosts and I do try to have some thing I can put out for snacks, or a dessert. I love your pretty dishes and that photo of you is lovely!

    1. Hi Deanna...hope your Summer is off to a great start! I know you entertain alot, so it's delightful to see ideas that others have for snack ideas! Hugs from rainy Texas!

  4. What a beautiful spread! And so many great ideas! You display everything so nicely, too. Happy Saturday!

    1. Hi Kim! So glad you enjoyed today's post and leaving such a kind comment! Have a great week ahead!

  5. Finally! a picture of our favorite Southern Hostess! and it's beautiful and Frameworthy for sure.
    I love all your tips. I knew a lady years ago when we lived in Virginia. she always did this type of thing for her own husband every day of her life! she was an enchanting person to know. and your blog reminds me of her.
    you're special Betsy! a Southern Ina Garten!!! you should write a Book! love and hugs XO
    and especially for Miss Mae with her precious little crossed paws.

    1. Tammy, thank you so much for leaving such sweet comments. I so enjoy your visits and have been blessed to have you as a blogging friend! Have a very blessed Sunday!

  6. Hi Betsy,

    Your table setting looks so pretty, and all the food -- divine! Everything looks tasty, but oh how I love spinach and artichoke dip. Yummm!! Thanks for sharing these great tips, and I hope you have a wonderful week. :)

    Hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor


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