April 5, 2021


The month of April has many celebrations...first being Good Friday and Easter Sunday!
We have birthdays and anniversaries to honor also!

There is something so very special about Easter Sunday...
so many memories of church services, family dinners,
new Easter dresses, Egg Hunts and Easter baskets....

All four of the red bottlebrush trees did not make it.....
that's quite a bit of money down the drain....

We lost our Wax Myrtle in the corner backyard......

I was ever so thankful to see our
Japanese Maple show her spring colors.....

Our Texas Lilac Vitex tree is beginning to bloom...
I am so thankful this lasted through the freeze!

My Roberta's fragrant daylilies are looking
strong and healthy!
I planted these shortly after we moved in....
the landscaper suggested we pull these up....
and I said,"no way!"
This is one thing I love and they grow beautifully! 

So many have lost a good portion of their landscaping....
the freeze was too long and too cold for our area....
I hope this does not happen again next year!
As you can see we have probably lost
most of our Indian Hawthorne's which we have
on both sides and front of our home!
We had all the ones in the back, removed last year
when we re-landscaped all of our backyard!
Our resident garden expert, Neil Sperry has
advised NOT to replant Indian Hawthorne's!

The sun came out, the temperature warmed to the 70's
and it turned out to be an afternoon to sit outside and enjoy!
Our neighbor's sweet Marmalade visits us daily for a little treat
and allows us to show him our affection!

The weather was overcast and rather cool,
in the low 60's....a perfect day to make a pot
of Mother's homemade vegetable soup!

We made a Target run on Friday, which was marvelous
as I had not been IN THE STORE for a long time....
I wanted to purchase a few items new to the MAGNOLIA line
for the guest bedroom makeover, and found these
darling little succulent planters in the Bullseye area....
a mere $3.00 EACH!

I prepared the table for two for Easter Sunday....
our children are in difference areas of the country
this year, so we shall wish them a Happy Easter Sunday
across the miles.....just the darling and me!

It's just is not Easter without a Coconut Cake!

Just add ice cream and fresh strawberries....
a marvelous ending to a lovely and blessed Easter!
We hope you all had a delightful day and felt
blessed by the meaning of Easter!

EASTER April 4, 2021


  1. We had a lovely Easter, too. I am so sorry about all the plant loss. It was so crazy cold for you in Texas. I'm glad to see that some of your plants made it through that cold!

    I am thankful for Easter and the Resurrection!

  2. He is Risen indeed! We had a wonderful Easter too. We had son, daughter in law and grandgirls over for dinner and Easter egg hunt for them. I love Coconut cake and so does my Genevieve who asked me to make it. That is a shame and it's almost sickening to lose plants such as yours. No way would I have pulled out the daylilies either. They put on a show with their blooms.
    Your pot of vegetable soup looks delicious! I think I should do the same and make a pot tomorrow.
    I have not been to Target in ages as the parking lot is always loaded and so is the store. I have mostly been to small run in and run out stores and kinda like it that way as I spend less money by not having distractions to tempt me to spend more.

  3. Your Easter for Two was lovely! We have lost a few of the large shrubs here. And a LOT of the Asian Jasmine ground cover which was just fine with me since it had become so overgrown. I intend to keep what is coming back in check! Haven't decided what to do about our bushes just yet.....

  4. So sorry to see all the garden plants you lost. That was a yucky, nasty rotten storm. I believe that weather patterns can last for two or three years so I wouldn't rush to replace them. Knowing you, you'll find something to fill in the gaps.

    I had a quiet day mostly alone, though I did meet my sister and brother-in-law for Easter dinner. Now next Sunday, I'll host dinner for my family when the work schedules will be sorted.

    Love your header, especially that blue-eyed kitten.

  5. Happy Easter! So sorry you have lost so many of your plants/shrubs/trees. I am hearing of so many in Texas who's landscapes have been ruined. My brother is in San Antonio and I think his yard turned out ok. We also had beautiful weather on Easter here in Maryland. Hallelujah! Your neighbor's cat looks just like our Leroy. So darling!

  6. I love your china. It's so pretty with that cute pink bunny. And what a great buy on those planters from Target. I love bargains. I'm so sorry that you lost so many plants. As I get older, it's not so much as the money, but how much work it is! It's still very early Spring here. The forsythia isn't even budding yet, but it's coming. I just listened to Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. Great song to start my day!

  7. Oh Betsy!!! We’ve lost so much of our landscaping too...all of the jasmine, which serves not only as our privacy fence around pool but also scents the whole neighborhood at the lake, is gone. What took 25 yrs to grow and be magnificent was gone in the 30 min it took to chainsaw it down. So sad. Spent ALL of last weekend cleaning up that yard. Now on to the yard at house. Never ends...
    I need to make a post about it to document for the diary. Just can’t seem to find time to get that done!
    Hope y’all had a very peaceful happy Easter!!!


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