March 1, 2021



Hello Kindred Spirits....
let's give Winter the boot, shall we?

Here in Texas, we have thawed out from our deep freeze
and have been blessed with warm, sunny days!
I know, it's just crazy isn't it?
I feel the only damage we sustained is losing
some of our newly landscape shrubs...others
have been left with broken pipes which flooded their homes
and ruined wood flooring...plumbers are booked three months out.....
that winter week was very, very hard on many of my fellow Texans!
It's pretty difficult when you are in single digit temps, with no water
and little food.....but.....brighter days are here now!

This was a gorgeous sunny day of 77 degrees!!

It's that time of year, to plan a new wreath for the backdoor.....
this was my theme  for last year's patio, so we shall
see what colors I bring forth this year....still haven't decided....

There is a wealth of inspiration in these two magazines....
great decorating ideas and recipes to get my mojo going....

I am totally in love with tulips this year
and have something rather fun in mind using these!

I spent an afternoon, packing away any winter décor
and changed the look in the kitchen to signs of Spring...
I feel lighter and more cheerful than before!!!

This makes me want to bake cookies......

It's time to change out the wax melts to spring scents....
such a delightful change......

When a new season begins, it's a good time
to change the theme of my little kitchen workstation.....

Love my Mary Lake Thompson tea towel.....
this will be on display through Summer.....

And, talk about a pop of sunshine....
nothing adds instantaneous cheer
like a bowl full of lemons!!!

I think I have chosen my colors for the season.....
a glorious warm yellow, soft spring green and creamy white!
And, then there is this vibrant pop of orange....what splendor!!!

I tried a new cookie recipe and let me just say....
this is a keeper...anytime of year....I plan on making
these again for Fall and again at Christmas!

Oh ya'll....I wish you could smell this candle.....
gosh I love the color and the scent...it's just over the moon wonderful!

I am slowly moving my way through the house and
changing out to a lighter look.....

I am loving this new quilt and didn't quite know
which pillow I wanted to use in my grandparent's Windsor chair,
but when I tried this one from my stash, it just looked like it
found it's happy place!

I hope you are as anxious as I am about diving into Spring
with body, mind and spirit!!!


  1. I am so anxious for spring to get here. It is still cold here with snow on the ground. Like you I am already planning what I want to do outside in the warmer weather. I love your colors of green, white, yellow and orange. What bright, sunny colors. I may steal the idea from you. I make oatmeal and cranberry cookies and after seeing your cookies I am thinking I have to make a batch of them soon.

  2. Not quite as anxious as I would surely be disappointed, but I am beginning to lean that way in spite of all the snow and ice around me. It is wonderful to see all the signs of spring in your home. And, as always, your March header is swoon-worthy. 🌷

  3. oh MY! well if I wasn't anxious for Spring to begin ... I certainly am NOW! LOL.
    I always come away loving every moment and scent and scene of your abundant posts!
    I also like the new banner. and Miss Mae approves of all your fresh Spring changes! COLOR.
    it affects us in spite of ourselves doesn't it! and I dearly love the colors you've chosen. XO

  4. Seeing your beautiful header reminded me to work on mine! Beautiful spring touches, I love the change of seasons.


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