March 6, 2021


Spring is a time of renewal and how
wonderful it is to feel like the world is your oyster!
We can get outdoors, spruce up our homes
enjoy some warmer weather and sunshine
and begin planning what our gardens will look like this year!
I love reading about favorites from others and thought
this would be the perfect time to share my current obsessions!

Maybe you will find something that you would like to try too!

Oh yes, yes....I adore the scent of Eucalyptus and can you just
imagine the lovely aroma of the laundry with this new
Essential Oils Gain of Eucalyptus and Mint!
We have the most marvelous smelling sheets and towels!
The Essential Oils line also features Lavender which I plan to try also!

I am a huge fan of Unstoppables added to the laundry
and this Refresh is my current favorite!
There has not been a scent I have not liked
so why not try them all!

I love the Tuscany Farmhouse collection candles...
Fireside has notes of smoky embers and birch wood!

What a lovely way to wake-up in the morning
and sip coffee from this darling little mug
featuring these cute little llama's! 
New for Springtime!

I love these petite soup crocks which
I found a few years back at the Target Dollar Spot....
They were only $3.00 each and are just beautifully made!
They hold the perfect individual serving size and we use them often!

I am usually not a fan of flavored water, BUT.....
my son-in-law turned me on to Perrier Cucumber Seltzer water!
It is often hard to find that brand, so I decided to give Kroger
brand a try which turned out just great....this is SO refreshing and
I keep this beverage well stocked in the fridge!

Pink Cactus Shea Butter Soap.....
a soothing combination of freesia and Asian pear
with hints of musk, vanilla and coconut.

I have been wanting to try the new Secret deodorant
with essential oils which is a limited edition.....
marvelous scent...I purchased both scents of
Cedarwood and Citrus, in addition to the
Lavender and Eucalyptus!

Tulip bulbs are a must have as we move into Spring
and I so enjoy starting bulbs inside prior
to adding them to the flowerbeds outdoors.....


Aren't they the most beautiful 
shade of pink!

Yes, she's as pretty as the tulips.....

In April, I'll be adding Bearded Iris
bulbs from Cottage Farms to the flowerbeds...
I adore this flower and they remind me so 
much of my Grandmother's backyard where
we would spend entire days playing in the Summer months
in Ohio.....aren't they stunning?

If you come across
products that you have tried
and loved, please share them with others..
it's a fun way to stay connected!
Be blessed and be kind......until next time y'all!

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