April 26, 2019


We have arrived in Johnson City, Texas!
Our first stop is the National Park
which features the boyhood home of
Lyndon B. Johnson, our 36th president.
This park is located in Stonewall, which is just outside
of Johnson City.

This settlement is absolutely beautiful...
it's quiet, serene and surrounded
by beautiful old oak trees.

Don't you adore old red barns?

I love this shot of the barn..I may have to frame this one!

One little thing to notice is the distance
between the outhouse from the home...
that would be a long trek if you had to potty in the night!

Remember these?

I love visiting historic homesteads...
so much history here.

LBJ moved here with his family when he was five years old...
he had one brother and three sisters.
I found it to be a very pleasant house, airy and cool,
with many of the original Johnson furniture and household items.
The porch on the far right side was a big sleeping porch
which were so much like our grandparents homes.

This is the front entryway...
I loved the bookcase......

The girls bedrooms

This is the main parlor

A lovely little nook in the main parlor
where Rebekah Johnson, LBJ's mother,
entertained guests and family gathered.

The boyhood bedroom of LBJ..
notice the little picture of him above the bed.

The dining room

The kitchen...
oh that range....incredible!!!!
The Johnson family lived comfortably during this time.

We so enjoyed strolling the grounds under all these
magnificent oaks.....
I noticed this little guy watching us closely.....

The Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush were everywhere...
I wish you could experience spring in Texas....
it's absolutely stunning!

There were beautiful pastures of cows....

Pastures of sheep, chickens and goats.....

Isn't she gorgeous....
there is just something about cows in green pastures....

This visit was just so enjoyable....
it's been on my bucket list for a long time.....

I purchased this lovely wildflower pillow
for one of our guest bedrooms which
features a very well known quote from Lady Bird Johnson...
"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

I also chose this beautiful print which I am going to frame
and hang in the foyer.

I am thrilled to be able to share this with you....
next post will feature the Texas White House!


  1. Hi Betsy,

    This looks like such a fun trip!! I love to visit historic homes and places, too. In fact, Hal and I are preparing to go to Williamsburg, Virginia, for four days. We haven't been in about 15 years, and that was a rushed trip then.

    I like the childhood home of LBJ; it looks cozy and reminds me a little bit of the old "Walton House" we visited in Virginia a few years ago. I LOVE your flower pillow and farm print that you purchased on your visit. It's lovely to have these kinds of things to remind us of favorite places and travels.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Betsy!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Hi Denise....this was just a beautiful tribute in this magnificent park! Well worth visiting if you have the chance! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I loved Ladybird Johnson. Her “Keep America Beautiful” campaign needs reviving.

    Now I looked very closely at that kitchen range and then realized that I have that same model in my own kitchen minus the cooking bottom. My top sits on the jelly cupboard creating a Frankenstein piece of furniture, but most useful for extra storage.

    1. I loved Lady Bird also Vee...she was a lovely, educated and poised woman....I think you will enjoy seeing their ranch...stunninng!

  3. How fun! I love the stories that haunt old homesteads. Did u know that Lady Bird’s childhood home is only 15 minutes from our lake house?? It’s a beauty and every time I pass by, I imagine her running in her yard and smelling the flowers!!
    Your photos are lovely

    1. That is very neat indeed that you are able to be so close to her childhood home...she was a lovely woman and First Lady....I thank her ofen in memory of our beautiful state of Texas!

  4. I remember reading somewhere (my memory is pathetic anymore so can't say where or whom!)
    but President Johnson was talking about his mother to a journalist and said that even though they had
    very little money... her table linens were always clean and repaired and starched and ironed!
    that has stayed with me all these years. the pride of home and self. the beauty in simplicity.
    I expect there may have been a clean jar of beautiful wild flowers on her table as well!
    so many lived through the depression in those days. but there is worse than poverty. it's a poverty
    of the soul. and to not give in to the dirt of it all was a gift a beloved son had noticed.

    1. Oh dear have such an elegant way of expressing your thoughts....LBJ was very close to his mother and she encouraged him to work had and obtain a good education...which he did. Although a bit rough around the edges he did some good work in the Senate! He certainly connected his soul to their beautiful ranch! Warm hugs!

  5. Another weird connection that this convo has stirred in me. On our last sailing trip to Roatan in Central America, Linda Johnson Robb, their daughter, and her family were staying at the marina/resort where we anchored our boat. We ended up in the same scuba diving boat with them and spent the day diving together. Which turned into dinners ashore and aboard our Blew Bayou boat as well. I spent hours in awe listening to her family’s stories. Such cool memories there!

  6. That's absolutely fascinating. I had no idea LBJ had a national historic park! Our childhood homes help make us the people we become, so this must have been really interesting. Great photographs, too.

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post Mike...thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment!


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