January 26, 2018


The gardening ideas begin to flow
about this time every year.
I love to visit blogs that offer ideas
and inspiration to make life beautiful!
So, today, I wanted to jump ahead
and gather some ideas for spring planting!
All photos are courtesy of Pinterest,
which is the best place to share and create!

I immediately loved the design and color of this planter!

Don't you feel better just looking at all this gorgeous vibrant green!

Water features add so much enjoyment when sitting among nature...
our pool offers us this, but fountains are just so lovely!

And.....I definitely plan to add a bronze fountain....

The hydrangeas and hostas remind me so much
of Mother and Daddy's yard in Jackson......

This is my all time favorite color of Hibiscus....
can't wait to plant these!

Gorgeous colorful hanging baskets....
love the interest this adds to the front of the house....
beautiful idea!
Hope this brightened your day as we head into the weekend....
a welcome break from a dull gray, rainy day here in Texas!


  1. Oh you've got me eager for summer now! I love the hydrangea!

    1. Your garden is always so pretty Deanna....fun to get ideas and inspiration! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Betsy, I loved seeing all the flowers and the green grass. Now I am really thinking Spring. :):) I really like those big elephant ear plants...I am wondering if I could do one in a container...this one looks like it's in the pot but I truly think it's behind. I have some nice hostas and a couple hydrangeas...that by the way did not produce a flower head this past summer. Thank you for the pretty pick me up. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. It's fun to think ahead of all the beauty of summer days isn't it Susie....I needed to see green today! Hope you have a great weekend..hugs!

  3. I was just thinking about gardening this morning. It's still very cold here and the ground will be frozen for another couple of months or more, but dreaming, planning and start seeds indoors is on my list of things to start doing very soon :) Thanks for the inspiration.
    Connie :)

    1. I love starting plants from seeds too Connie..there is something so satisfying about this when you are successful! Enjoy the art of it...happy weekend!

  4. finally got to come by and catch up darling bean.
    I love this post! and yes the colors alone did make my day.
    having terrible vertigo. not finding the reason why.
    so not commenting often. but nevertheless enjoying your blog. always!

    1. Oh Tammy, I as so sorry to hear this! I will say a prayer that you are in the pink asap. Hugs and blessings!

  5. Have always loved gardens tucked into corners of a house where exterior walls meet. And that mini pergola for the front of a garage would be great!

    1. I love that too Vee and would never have thought of it! Amazing what a pot of beautiful flowers can do to lift your spirit! Warm hugs!

  6. Those are all just fantastic ideas...and I would be proud to be the owner of any of those spaces. I LOVE how the pergola(?) over the garage doors really dresses the area up and gives it some character. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana...so glad you enjoyed the garden post! Soon we all will be having fun with this! Hugs from Texas!


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