February 1, 2024


Company is soon coming to Texas and I intend
to serve five star meals while they are here for a short visit!
Let's start with a fabulous dining experience with
a few yummy brunch recipes!

I want them to have the Bed and Breakfast experience and be able to sleep
a bit late in the morning...linger over coffee and serve brunch around 9:30 or 10 AM.... 

We have freshly squeezed orange juice, Petite Bacon and Swiss Quiches,
and a decadent Blueberry Muffin....

I have made these tiny quiches for many, many years and sometimes
include them on the Christmas morning buffet.....they are that good!

click the link for this delicious recipe


The blueberry muffin recipe is probably my all time favorite....
that buttery cinnamon crumb topping is the piece de resistance......

I promise, you will receive rave reviews and the ones you love,
will so appreciate the extra effort you made for them.....

I have had the privilege of making this little guy breakfast over the years,
and it never fails to bring a smile to my face and to his too!


  1. This sounds so good. Do you think the quiche would work if I made it one bigger one? In any case, I am going to try these recipes.

    1. HI KATHY....I would guess this recipe might very well work in a regular size quiche....let me know how it works out for you....Hugs and blessings!

  2. I believe you have that hostessing thing fine tuned! I wouldn't mind having a lovely brunch waiting for me like the one you'll offer. Now, if I wasn't so lazy I'd fix myself one but who wants to eat alone!!

  3. What a delicious brunch you will be serving soon. I love a good quiche. I used to have this delicious asparagus quiche back in my hometown, and I really miss it. The blueberry muffins look amazing also. Have a fun time with your guests. Your meals are always served with such care, effort, and thoughtfulness.



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